[Ecsa] Career Opportunities at NCAR and Beyond - Recording available

Simone Tilmes tilmes at ucar.edu
Fri Oct 26 09:38:54 MDT 2012

Please note, we had problems with the microphone, while the first two 
panel members introduced themselves. However, this problem disappears 
after about 10 minutes. Sorry for inconvenience, but I hope you can 
still enjoy listening to the remainder of the workshop.


> Dear Everyone,
> the recording of the ECSA workshop on 'Career Opportunities at NCAR and
> Beyond' October 12, 2012 is now available:
> http://video.ucar.edu/mms/special_events/ECSA2012.mp4
> The link is click and play, cut and paste into a browser or progressive
> download by control or right clicking on the link and saving file to
> desktop.
> Thanks for your interest and thanks again to all the panelists.
> Please send us any comments and suggestions for future workshops any time.
> Best regards,
> Simone Tilmes
> ECSA Chair and the ECSA Steering Committee
> http://www.asp.ucar.edu/ecsa/ecsa.php

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