[Ecsa] Visitor Funds, FY2012, and Travel Funds competition

Simone Tilmes tilmes at ucar.edu
Tue Jan 17 08:57:48 MST 2012


The ECSA is pleased to announce that we are soliciting applications for
VISITOR funds for FY2012. ECSA members who would like to bring a visitor 
to NCAR for a collaborative visit may apply for these limited funds.

These visits have the goals of enhancing partnerships with other public 
and private institutions, and furthering the science done by early 
career  scientists here at NCAR. These funds are available to all ECSA
members. The length of the visit should be appropriate for the purpose, 
and awards will be limited to $5000. If funding is awarded, you will be 
required to write a 1-page summary about the visit and what was achieved 
as a result.

More information and the application form are at:

If you would like to apply for these visitor funds for this fiscal year,
please send a completed application form to Scott Briggs 
(sbriggs at ucar.edu) by 1 February 2012.

Further, we have a second round of travel funds competition this year. 
If you are interested to apply for partial ECSA funding (maximum award 
is $2000) of travel between now and the end of September 2012, please go 
to http://www.asp.ucar.edu/ecsa/travel_funds.php to find the
travel request form under PROCEDURE. Please send a hard copy with 
supervisors signature to Scott Briggs (sbriggs at ucar.edu) by 1 February 
2012, to be considered.

Please contact me (tilmes at ucar.edu) if you have any questions.

Best regards, Simone

Simone Tilmes
ECSA Chairperson

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