[Ecsa] [Nsa] Thank You and Follow On Meeting Request

Thomas Bogdan bogdan at ucar.edu
Mon Apr 30 09:47:59 MDT 2012

To: Members, NCAR Scientists' Assembly
From: Tom Bogdan
Subject: Thank You and Follow On Meeting Request

Thank you for the invitation to join and speak with you at your last 
meeting. I appreciate the opportunity to share my vision and those
important, related questions that we must answer together around that. 
Our success undoubtedly resides with energized leadership from
the NSA.

Some characterizations of the situation facing us right now have been 
more dire than merited. I understand that while dramatic
analogies may help describe the urgency of decisions facing us, they can 
also create unnecessary concern. That is not my intent. I have
heard from some of you on this point and appreciate the feedback and 
shared calibration of my messages.

The reality is that NCAR remains, and will be, an outstanding place to 
conduct our science. I will make sure that is the case. Moreover,
we are looking ahead to a host of new funding opportunities and strong 
support from our friends at NSF and in the Congress. Noting
these opportunities, I remain incredibly optimistic and encouraged about 
the promise of a vibrant and relevant NCAR for the 21st century.

I will continue looking to each of you to help fine-tune our vision for 
the future. As a means of facilitating that, I would like to visit you and
your teams to get an even better view of your work and goals for the 
future. If you’d welcome this, please let me know, and we will schedule
a time to do so.

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