[Ecsa] Attention all scientists and engineers: The America Invents Act affects you!

Kimberly Duran kduran at ucar.edu
Fri Oct 21 14:09:14 MDT 2011

*Come to a presentation hosted by the UCAR Office of General Counsel at 
9:00am on Nov.8th in the CG-1 South Auditorium to find out how*

Patent and intellectual property protection is an important topic for 
all scientists and engineers at UCAR and NCAR.  With the passage of the 
America Invents Act, patent laws have radically changed to protect the 
first-to-file rather than the first-to-invent.  The Act also authorizes 
certain administrative changes that are expected to help the United 
States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) more effectively address the 
backlog of patent applications.

How will the new law impact scientists and engineers? Come find out at a 
presentation hosted by the UCAR Office of General Counsel on *Tuesday, 
November 8th from 9:00am to 10:30am in the CG-1 South Auditorium (room 
1210)*.  The UCAR Office of General Counsel has teamed up with 
registered patent attorneys, Curt Ollila and David Wilbert, to explain 
the legal changes included in the Act and the practical impact of these 
changes on inventors and on institutions like UCAR.

Please RSVP to this presentation by November 7th.

Contact Kimberly Duran at extension 8874 or at kduran at ucar.edu


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