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Tue Oct 18 08:54:22 MDT 2011

Dear all,

the ECSA steering committee has organized a workshop in connection to  
the WCRP open science conference that takes place this weeks.

The theme of the workshop is to examine the diversity of regional climate
issues with a focus on developing countries. 35  early career scientists
from around the world were selected who research how observations, modeling,
analysis and process research can be used to address regional climate issues,
to understand which developing regions are most at risk, and determine how
regional climate projections can be improved. The primary goal of this
workshop is to exchange ideas and establish collaborations for future work
between early career scientists from across the world and those from
developing countries.

All NCAR scientists and visitors are invited to join the open session  
on Thursday, October 19,  2011, in the Main Seminar Room, which is  
divided into three main topics:  Regional Climate, Climate Impact and  
Air Quality (see below). We also have breakout sessions on Friday. If  
you would like to attend those, please contact me, because we are  
limited in space.

The agenda for the breakout sessions is available here
http://www.asp.ucar.edu/ecsa/download/wcrp-climate_breakout.pdf and  
here, http://www.asp.ucar.edu/ecsa/download/wcrp-regional_breakout.pdf

*/Regional Climate Session /*

10:30             Greg Holland ? Keynote Speaker ? Challenges in  
regional climate modeling for assessing high-impact weather (presented  
James Done)

11:00            Auwal Abdussalam ? Climate change and variability:  
The impact on climate-sensitive diseases in northwestern Nigeria

11:15            Pedro Jimenez-Guerrero ? A physics ensemble of  
regional air quality-climate change projections over southwestern Europe

11:30            Natalia Tilinina ? Cyclone activity in modern era  
reanalyses: Comparative assessment

11:45            Benjamin Zaitchik ? Informing climate resilience  
strategies in the Ethiopian highlands

12:00            Discussion

*/Climate Impact Session /*

1:15            Roy Rasmussen ? Keynote Speaker ? Climate  research  
and applications for water resources

1:45            Christoph Mueller ? Hot spots and uncertainties:   
Climate change impacts in Sub-Saharian Africa

2:00            Mayowa Fasona ? Principal components of local climate  
and their implications for climate change adaptation: Case study from   
the Savannah of Nigeria

2:15            Andrew Monaghan ? The NCAR Weather, Climate, and  
Health Program

2:30            Kuo-Hsien Chang - Accounting carbon & GHGs in  
agriculture and forest ecosystems using process-based models

2:45            Discussion

*/Air Quality / Chemistry /*

3:30            Sasha Madronich ? Keynote Speaker ? Air quality and  
the chemistry of climate

4:00            Sachin Ghude ? Regional distribution of pollution in India

4:15            Discussion

Best regards, Simone

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