[Ecsa] ECSA Visitor Program

Christine Wiedinmyer christin at ucar.edu
Thu Jan 26 14:24:23 MST 2006

To ECSA Members:

The ECSA Visitor Program has been established to encourage partnerships between ECSA members and others from 
universities and public and private institutions.  The ECSA Visitor Program will award funds to ECSA members who wish to 
bring collaborators to work with them at NCAR. The length of the visits will be dependent on the purpose of the visit.

We would like to encourage you to apply for funds for this fiscal year (ending September 2006). These funds are to be 
used for collaborative visits only (they will not be given for workshops and colloquia).

These visits should result in scientific achievements, such as joint publications, model improvements, and improved 
scientific understanding. After a visit, ECSA Visitor Program awardees will be required to write a 1-page summary of the 
visit, including an explanation of the scientific achievements that resulted from the visit.

To apply for the visitor funds, please fill out an application at: http://www.asp.ucar.edu/ecsa/vfr.html

and send a copy to Christine Wiedinmyer (FL0-3154, ext. 1414, christin at ucar.edu). If you have any questions, please 
contact Christine Wiedinmyer or Peter Thornton (thornton at ucar.edu)

Applications will be accepted until February 10, 2006.

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