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Scott Briggs sbriggs at ucar.edu
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Hi All,

I made an error with the url for the workshop. You can find more 
information at http://www.asp.ucar.edu/ess/


Scott Briggs wrote:

> Announcement:
> International Postdoctoral Scientist Network for Earth Systems Science
> First Workshop
> Breckenridge, Colorado June 23-25, 2005
> Many of the challenges we face in earth system science require not only 
> the integration of complex physical processes into climate system models 
> (e.g., the NCAR CCSM) but coupling biogeochemistry and chemistry with 
> climate. Additionally, the global research community will require 
> components that allow interactions between policy and decision making 
> with environmental and climate considerations.   The complexity of full 
> biophysical models of the Earth's System requires considerable 
> computational expense and makes deconvolution to understand the 
> underlying processes difficult.  Accordingly, intermediate complexity 
> and simple models are tools that are valuable towards understand the 
> more complex models and the real system they attempt to represent.
> As a step towards fuller integration of earth system science, IGBP/AIMES 
> (International Global Biosphere Project/Analysis, Integration and 
> Modeling of the Earth System)  are planning an international 
> postdoctoral scientist network for earth system science. This network 
> will serve as a mechanism for promoting the development of the next 
> generation of scientists
> to be increasingly cross-cutting as will be required by the future of 
> Earth system modeling. An important element will be including 
> participants from developing countries to both contribute their 
> expertise in quickly changing and highly vulnerable environments, as 
> well as to build the human resources in important regions of the globe 
> for future science projects.
> To inaugurate the network we plan a first workshop in June, 2005. The 
> workshop agenda will include talks from one senior person and several 
> postdoctoral scientists on two topics:
> Topic 1: The end of nature? Human-earth systems interactions
> Topic 2: Is there a scenario in the class? Different views of the future 
> (Multi-scaled approaches to Earth System modeling).
> All participates will be invited to give a talk or present a poster 
> during the workshop.  More information is available at: 
> www.asp.ucar.edu/ess.html.
> Applications:
> Applications should be received by March 15, 2005 and include a CV, 
> statement of research interests (1 page), statement of how the 
> postdoctoral network can best serve the postdoctoral community (1 page), 
> and a recommendation letter. We plan to obtain sufficient funding to 
> support 50 postdoctoral scientists to attend, but please indicate in 
> your application if you can only attend if you receive full support. 
> Please note: The preferred format of the submitted documents is pdf 
> (PostScript, MS Word and ASCII text also accepted).Send applications to: 
> asp-apply at asp.ucar.edu with the subject "ESS Workshop".

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