[Dart-users] Recent Updates to the DART Lanai Release

Nancy Collins nancy at ucar.edu
Mon Jun 8 16:23:06 MDT 2015

hi all --

for those of you running with the Lanai release of DART there have
been several recent updates and bug fixes you might be interested in.

updates over the last few months include bug fixes to 2 of the MADIS
observation converters (satwnd and profiler), updates to the PDF and
Matlab files in the DART_LAB tutorial, minor updates to the obs_diag
diagnostic program, a minor bug fix for the MPAS model_mod, and a
bug fix when using synthetic radar observations in an OSSE.

all updates are described in the 'Software Updates' section of the top 
index.html file.  you can view it directly in your web browser by pointing
to this URL on our subversion server:


on the web page at the end of the 'Updates' list are a few useful subversion
(svn) commands.  to update to the latest version of the Lanai code release,
at the top level DART directory where you have checked out DART, do:

  svn update

if you do update from the subversion server all your local modifications
will be preserved.  only the updated lines from the repository files will be
merged into your checked-out files, leaving your local modifications in
place.  the one exception is that we suggest you skip updating your
'mkmf.template' by saying 'mf' (for 'mine full') if asked how to resolve
conflicts between the version in the repository and your version on disk.
this file in particular is likely to be customized for your system and
shouldn't be changed.

if you have any questions please write dart at ucar.edu and we will be
happy to help you.


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