[Dart-users] Betas available for the Lanai release of DART

Nancy Collins nancy at ucar.edu
Thu Oct 24 10:21:58 MDT 2013

Hello DARTers,

We are planning to release a new version of DART in December.
This release, named Lanai, has many differences and improvements
compared to Kodiak. We've tested the code but we don't have access
to every platform and compiler and we can't run every use case, so
we would welcome your help by being a beta tester for the new code.

Our roll-out plan is to release a beta version once a week for 4 weeks,
adding support for additional models each week. We will incorporate
any feedback and bug fixes as they are found. If you are interested
intesting a beta of the proposed release code please send a note to
dart at ucar dot edu and just say 'I want the beta'. We will send
youthe subversion address to check out the new code. We recommend
you open the 'index.html' file in the top level directory for pointers
tothe Lanai release notes and a summary of differences from Kodiak.
Please send all feedback to dart at ucar dot edu.

If for some reason you have never registered for DART at any time
in the past, please fill out the DART registration form at
before asking for the beta.

Beta 1 for this week includes the basic DART libraries, executables,
diagnostics, and documentation for all the low order models plus
additional models which we believe are working and in shape to go:

   9var, forced_lorenz_96, ikeda, lorenz_04, lorenz_63, lorenz_84
   lorenz_96, lorenz_96_2scale, null_model, simple_advection,
   bgrid_solo, pe2lyr, sqg, MITgcm_annulus, MITgcm_ocean, NAAPS,
   NCOMMAS, am2, coamps, coamps_nest, noah, rose, tiegcm.

Beta 2 will be during the week of 28 Oct and will include support
for GITM, MPAS_Atm, MPAS_Ocn.

Beta 3 will be during the week of 4 Nov and will include WRF support.

Beta 4 will be during the week of 11 Nov and will include support
for coupled CESM, CAM, POP, and CLM.

The planned release date of the new version is the second week
of December, 2013.   We appreciate all feedback on the new version.


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