[Dart-users] NCAR's Mesa Lab semi-annual powerdown

Nancy Collins nancy at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 11 13:56:28 MDT 2013

hi dart-users,

the semi-annual mesa lab powerdown is scheduled for
saturday, 20 april 2013 (the weekend after this coming one).

unlike in previous years, the ncar supercomputers (yellowstone,
geyser, caldera) will NOT be down since they are now located
at the wyoming/ncar supercomputing center location.

however, the DART subversion server, web pages, wiki, and
mail servers for ucar.edu email addresses will be down for
at least part of the day.

additionally, the tape library system (HPSS) is going to be
down (which isn't expected since it is up in wyoming but
apparently it does some synchronization with something
still at the mesa).  also, the system people warn that some
disruption of the 'yubikey/cryptocard' authentication system
for yellowstone is expected during certain times of the day.

please plan accordingly,

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