[Dart-dev] DART/branches Revision: 12366

dart at ucar.edu dart at ucar.edu
Thu Jan 18 16:00:51 MST 2018

nancy at ucar.edu
2018-01-18 16:00:50 -0700 (Thu, 18 Jan 2018)
update the documentation for the template directory
and fix up the default_model_mod docs.

Modified: DART/branches/rma_trunk/models/template/model_mod.html
--- DART/branches/rma_trunk/models/template/model_mod.html	2018-01-18 19:00:54 UTC (rev 12365)
+++ DART/branches/rma_trunk/models/template/model_mod.html	2018-01-18 23:00:50 UTC (rev 12366)
@@ -230,8 +230,8 @@
 <TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>x</em></TD>
     <TD>State vector of length model_size.</TD></TR>
-<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>time   </em></TD>
-    <TD>Specifies time of the initial model state.</TD></TR>
+<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>time</em></TD>
+    <TD>Current time of the model state.</TD></TR>
@@ -284,14 +284,14 @@
 <A NAME="model_interpolate"></A>
 <div class=routine>
-<em class=call>call model_interpolate(state_handle, x, location, itype, obs_val, istatus)</em>
+<em class=call>call model_interpolate(state_handle, ens_size, location, obs_quantity, expected_obs, istatus)</em>
 type(ensemble_type),    intent(in)  :: <em class=code>state_handle</em>
-real(r8), dimension(:), intent(in)  :: <em class=code>x</em>
+inteter,                intent(in)  :: <em class=code>ens_size</em>
 type(location_type),    intent(in)  :: <em class=code>location</em>
-integer,                intent(in)  :: <em class=code>itype</em>
-real(r8),               intent(out) :: <em class=code>obs_val</em>
-integer,                intent(out) :: <em class=code>istatus</em>
+integer,                intent(in)  :: <em class=code>obs_quantity</em>
+real(r8),               intent(out) :: <em class=code>expected_obs(ens_size)</em>
+integer,                intent(out) :: <em class=code>istatus(ens_size)</em>
@@ -299,16 +299,16 @@
 <!-- Description -->
-Given a handle containing information for a state vector, a state vector, 
-a location, and a model state variable kind
-interpolates the state variable field to that location and returns 
-the value in <em class=code>obs_val</em>. The <em class=code>istatus</em> 
-variable should be returned as 0 unless there is some problem in 
-computing the interpolation in which case a positive value should be 
-returned. The <em class=code>itype</em> variable
+Given a handle containing information for a state vector, an ensemble size,
+a location, and a model state variable quantity
+interpolates the state variable field to that location and returns an 
+ensemble-sized array of values in <em class=code>expected_obs(:)</em>. 
+The <em class=code>istatus(:)</em> array should be 0 for successful
+ensemble members and a positive value for failures.
+The <em class=code>obs_quantity</em> variable
 is one of the quantity (QTY) parameters defined in the
 <a href="../../assimilation_code/modules/observations/obs_kind_mod.html">obs_kind_mod.f90</a> file
-and maps the quantity to a model variable for the interpolation.
+and defines the quantity to interpolate.
 In low-order models that have no notion of kinds of variables this argument may
 be ignored. For applications in which only perfect model experiments
 with identity observations (i.e. only the value of a particular
@@ -318,25 +318,25 @@
 <TABLE width=100% border=0 summary="" cellpadding=3>
-<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>state_handle   </em></TD>
+<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>state_handle</em></TD>
     <TD>The handle to the state structure containing information about 
         the state vector about which information is requested.</TD></TR>
-<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>x</em></TD>
-    <TD>A model state vector.</TD></TR>
+<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>ens_size</em></TD>
+    <TD>The ensemble size.</TD></TR>
-<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>location   </em></TD>
+<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>location</em></TD>
     <TD>Location to which to interpolate.</TD></TR>
-<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>itype</em></TD>
+<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>obs_quantity</em></TD>
     <TD>Quantity of state field to be interpolated.</TD></TR>
-<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>obs_val</em></TD>
-    <TD>The interpolated value from the model.</TD></TR>
+<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>expected_obs</em></TD>
+    <TD>The interpolated values from the model.</TD></TR>
 <TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>istatus</em></TD>
-    <TD>Integer value returning 0 for success.
-        Other values can be defined for various failures.</TD></TR>
+    <TD>Integer values return 0 for success.
+        Other positive values can be defined for various failures.</TD></TR>
@@ -358,8 +358,7 @@
 <!-- Description -->
-Returns the time step (forecast length) of the model;
-the smallest increment in time that the model is capable of 

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