[Dart-dev] DART/branches Revision: 11985

dart at ucar.edu dart at ucar.edu
Mon Oct 16 09:45:09 MDT 2017

nancy at ucar.edu
2017-10-16 09:45:08 -0600 (Mon, 16 Oct 2017)
update the list of changes we're proposing to push
to the manhattan release (must be committed first to
the rma_trunk before being pushed).

Modified: DART/branches/rma_trunk/CHANGELOG
--- DART/branches/rma_trunk/CHANGELOG	2017-10-13 20:51:42 UTC (rev 11984)
+++ DART/branches/rma_trunk/CHANGELOG	2017-10-16 15:45:08 UTC (rev 11985)
@@ -491,7 +491,7 @@
   names changed from 'restart' to 'state' for input and output files.
-+ Aug 2 2017 :: single filenames, random distributions, bug fixes.  $Revision$
++ Aug 2 2017 :: single filenames, random distributions, bug fixes.  Revision: 11864
 - added code to support listing input and output filenames directly in the
@@ -516,10 +516,57 @@
 - improved some error messages in the diagnostic matlab scripts
-+ MMM DD 2017 :: next revision summary.  Revision: 
++ Oct 13 2017 :: next revision summary.  $Revision$
+- fix a bug in the MPAS-ATM model mod that affected surface observations,
+  in particular altimeter obs.  also fixed a bug in the vertical conversion
+  if using 'scale height' as the vertical localization type.
+- updated and improved the observation converter for ionospheric observations
+  from the COSMIC GPS satellite.
+- updates to the cam-fv scripts for cesm2_0_beta05.
+- updates to the Matlab diagnostics documentation.  'help DART' or 'doc DART'
+  will give an overview of the available Matlab diagnostics shipped with the
+  dart distribution.
+- added two new modules: options_mod.f90 and obs_def_utilities_mod.f90 
+  this was required so we didn't have circular dependencies in our modules
+  as we reused common code in more places.
+  we have updated all the path_names* files which are in the repository.
+  if you have your own path_names files you may need to add these new modules
+  to your path lists.
+    assimilation_code/modules/utilities/options_mod.f90
+    observations/forward_operators/obs_def_utilities_mod.f90
+- removed QTY_SURFACE_TEMPERATURE from the default obs quantities list
+  atmospheric models, and QTY_SKIN_TEMPERATURE and QTY_SOIL_TEMPERATURE
+  exist for other models.  if you were using QTY_SURFACE_TEMPERATURE
+  please replace it with the corresponding other temperature quantity.
+- dart_to_clm and clm_to_dart were resurrected to correctly handle the
+  SWE (snow water equivalent) field.
+- updated the channel and column location modules to be compatible with
+  the current required interfaces.
+- updated the model_mod_check.f90 program (move often used when porting
+  DART to a new model).  there is now more control over exactly which
+  tests are being run.
+- fixed a misleading status message in the obs_sequence_tool when all obs
+  are excluded by the min/max lon/lat box namelist items.  the incorrect
+  message blamed it on observation height instead of the bounding box.
+- added some additional debugging options to the mpi utilities module.
+  if you have problems that appear to be MPI related, contact us for
+  more help in enabling them.
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