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thoar at ucar.edu
2017-03-23 21:45:09 -0600 (Thu, 23 Mar 2017)
Fixing more broken links.

There are 6 broken links in the Manhattan_release.html document.
None of the pages are written yet:

obs_converters:AVISO, GPSPW, ROMS ...

Modified: DART/releases/Manhattan/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html
--- DART/releases/Manhattan/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html	2017-03-24 00:00:48 UTC (rev 11393)
+++ DART/releases/Manhattan/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html	2017-03-24 03:45:09 UTC (rev 11394)
@@ -17,9 +17,7 @@
     <img src="../images/Dartboard7.png" alt="DART project logo" height=70 />
-       <p>Jump to DART Documentation Main Index 
-       <a href="https://svn-dares-dart.cgd.ucar.edu/DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/index.html">Website</a>  
-       or <a href="../index.html">local file</a><br />
+       <p>Jump to the <a href="../index.html">DART Documentation Main Index</a><br />
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           $Id: documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html 10979 2017-02-01 20:07:34Z thoar at ucar.edu $</small></small>
@@ -56,7 +54,7 @@
 and run on linux compute-servers, linux clusters, OSX laptops/desktops,
 SGI Altix clusters, supercomputers running AIX, and more.
 Read the 
-<a href="#customizations">Customizations</a> section
+<a href="https://www.image.ucar.edu/DAReS/DART/DART2_Starting.php#customizations">Customizations</a> section
 for help in building on new platforms.</p>
@@ -69,8 +67,9 @@
 is applied to each of the states to generate the model's estimate of the observation.
 Comparing these estimates and their uncertainty to the observation and
 its uncertainty ultimately results in the adjustments to the model states.
-See the DARTLAB demos or read more in the tutorials included with the
-DART distribution.  They are described below.</p>
+See the <a href="../DART_LAB/DART_LAB.html">DART_LAB</a>
+demos or read more <a href="../tutorial/index.html">in the DART tutorial</a>.
 <p>DART diagnostic output can be written that contains the model
 state before and after the adjustment, along with the ensemble mean
@@ -82,20 +81,6 @@
 such as NCL, R, etc.
-<p>In this document links are available which point to Web-based documentation
-files and also to the same information in html files distributed with DART.
-If you have used subversion to check out a local copy of the DART files you
-can open this file in a browser by loading 
-<em class=file>DART/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html</em>
-and then use the 'local file' links to see 
-other documentation pages without requiring a connection to
-the internet.
-If you are looking at this documentation from
-the <a href="www.image.ucar.edu">www.image.ucar.edu </a> web server or you are
-connected to the internet you can use the 
-Website links to view other documentation pages.
 <p>To get started running with Lorenz 63 model refer to
 <a href="Manhattan_getting_started.html">Getting Started</a> 
@@ -237,7 +222,7 @@
 There are several namelist changes mainly in the &amp;filter_nml and 
 &amp;perfect_model_mod which are outlined in detail in 
-<a href="html/Manhattan_diffs_from_Lanai.html">Manhattan_diffs_from_Lanai</a>
+<a href="Manhattan_diffs_from_Lanai.html">Manhattan_diffs_from_Lanai</a>
@@ -315,31 +300,31 @@
-    assimilate_this_obs_kind()     =>     assimilate_this_type_of_obs(type_index)
-    evaluate_this_obs_kind()       =>       evaluate_this_type_of_obs(type_index)
-    use_ext_prior_this_obs_kind()  =>  use_ext_prior_this_type_of_obs(type_index)
+    assimilate_this_obs_kind()     =&gt;     assimilate_this_type_of_obs(type_index)
+    evaluate_this_obs_kind()       =&gt;       evaluate_this_type_of_obs(type_index)
+    use_ext_prior_this_obs_kind()  =&gt;  use_ext_prior_this_type_of_obs(type_index)
-    get_num_obs_kinds()            =>  get_num_types_of_obs()
-    get_num_raw_obs_kinds()        =>  get_num_quantities()
+    get_num_obs_kinds()            =&gt;  get_num_types_of_obs()
+    get_num_raw_obs_kinds()        =&gt;  get_num_quantities()
-    get_obs_kind_index()           => get_index_for_type_of_obs(type_name)
-    get_obs_kind_name()            => get_name_for_type_of_obs(type_index)
+    get_obs_kind_index()           =&gt; get_index_for_type_of_obs(type_name)
+    get_obs_kind_name()            =&gt; get_name_for_type_of_obs(type_index)
-    get_raw_obs_kind_index()       =>  get_index_for_quantity(qty_name)
-    get_raw_obs_kind_name()        =>  get_name_for_quantity(qty_index)
+    get_raw_obs_kind_index()       =&gt;  get_index_for_quantity(qty_name)
+    get_raw_obs_kind_name()        =&gt;  get_name_for_quantity(qty_index)
-    get_obs_kind_var_type()        =>  get_quantity_for_type_of_obs(type_index)
+    get_obs_kind_var_type()        =&gt;  get_quantity_for_type_of_obs(type_index)
-    get_obs_kind()                 =>  get_obs_def_type_of_obs(obs_def)
-    set_obs_def_kind()             =>  set_obs_def_type_of_obs(obs_def)
+    get_obs_kind()                 =&gt;  get_obs_def_type_of_obs(obs_def)
+    set_obs_def_kind()             =&gt;  set_obs_def_type_of_obs(obs_def)
-    get_kind_from_menu()           =>  get_type_of_obs_from_menu()

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