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documentation for generating sampling error correction
tables for new ensemble sizes.

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+<A NAME="Overview"></A>
+Utility program which computes a table of values needed 
+to apply Sampling Error Correction (SEC) during assimilation.
+These values are used to correct 
+covariances based on small sample size statistics.
+See <a href="#References">reference</a> below.
+The name of the SEC table is always 
+<em class=file>sampling_error_correction_table.nc</em>.
+This is a NetCDF format file.
+If this file already exists in the current directory any 
+tables for new ensemble sizes will be appended to the existing file.
+If the file does not exist a new file will be created by this tool.
+The resulting file should be copied into the current working
+directory when <em class=program>filter</em> is run.
+A file with 40 common ensemble sizes is distributed
+with the system. Any new ensemble sizes can be
+generated on demand.  Be aware that the computation can
+be time consuming.  The job may need to be submitted to
+a batch system if many new ensemble sizes are being
+generated, or start the job on a laptop and leave it
+to run overnight.
+The file contains a "sparse array" of ensemble sizes.
+Only sizes which have an existing table are stored in
+the file so large ensemble sizes do not require a large
+jump in the size of the output file.
+This program uses the random number generator to compute
+the correction factors.  The generator is seeded with
+the ensemble size so repeated runs of the program will 
+generate the same values for the tables.
+<!--=================== DESCRIPTION OF A NAMELIST ====================-->
+<A NAME="Namelist"></A>
+<div class="top">[<a href="#">top</a>]</div><hr />
+This namelist is read from the file <em class=file>input.nml</em>.
+Namelists start with an ampersand
+'&amp;' and terminate with a slash '/'.
+Character strings that contain a '/' must be
+enclosed in quotes to prevent them from 
+prematurely terminating the namelist.
+<div class=namelist>

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