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removing secion other stuff.

Modified: DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html
--- DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html	2017-03-15 22:53:38 UTC (rev 11352)
+++ DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html	2017-03-15 22:57:09 UTC (rev 11353)
@@ -492,7 +492,8 @@
 Currently we support 15 models listed below.  There is several new
 models that have been added that are not on the Lanai Release
-including CM1, CICE, ROMS.
+including CM1, CICE, ROMS. Any previously supported models not on
+this list are still supported in DART <a href="https://svn-dares-dart.cgd.ucar.edu/DART/releases/classic">classic</a>
    <!--   9var   -->
@@ -850,49 +851,17 @@
 <a href="http://www.image.ucar.edu/DAReS/DART/DART_Observations.php#obs_seq_overview">
 observation sequence file contents</a>.
 <br />
+<li>The MATLAB diagnostic routines have been updated to not require the
+MEXNC toolbox.  These routines use the built-in NetCDF support that comes
+with MATLAB.
 <br />
 But there's always more to add.
 <strong>Please <a href="http://www2.image.ucar.edu/forms/dart-suggestion-box">let us know</a> where we are lacking.</strong>
-<p>Other new stuff:</p>
-<li>Handle empty epochs in the obs_seq_to_netcdf converter.</li>
-<li>Added a matlab utility to show the output of a 'hop' test (running a
-model for a continuous period vs. stopping and restarting a run).</li>
-<li>Improved the routine that computes axes tick values in plots with
-multiple values plotted on the same plot.</li>
-<li>The obs_common_subset program can select common observations from up to 4
-observation sequence files at a time.</li>
-<li>Add code in obs_seq_verify to ensure that the ensemble members are in the
-same order in all netcdf files.</li>
-<li>Added support for the unstructured grids of mpas to our matlab  diagnostics.</li>
-<li>Fix to writing of ReportTime in obs_seq_coverage.</li>
-<li>Fixed logic in obs_seq_verify when determining the forecast lat.</li>
-<li>Fixed loops inside obs_seq_coverage which were using the wrong limits on
-the loops. Fixed writing of 'ntimes' in output netcdf variable.</li>
-<li>Rewrote the algorithm in the obs_selection tool so it had better scaling
-with large numbers of obs.</li>
-<li>Several improvements to the 'obs_diag' program:
-<li>Added preliminary support for a list of 'trusted obs' in the obs_diag
-<li>Can disable the rank histogram generation with a namelist item.</li>
-<li>Can define height_edges or heights in the namelist, but not both.</li>
-<li>The 'rat_cri' namelist item (critical ratio) has been deprecated.</li>
-<li>Extend obs_seq_verify so it can be used for forecasts from a single
-member. minor changes to obs_selection, obs_seq_coverage and obs_seq_verify
-to support a single member.</li>
-<li>Added MATLAB script to read/print timestamps from binary dart restart/ic
-<li>Default for obs_seq_to_netcdf in all the namelists is now 'one big time
-bin' so you don't have to know the exact timespan of an obs_seq.final file
-before converting to netCDF.</li>
 <a name="NewUtilities"></a>
@@ -908,32 +877,17 @@
-<li>The mkmf-generated Makefiles now take care of calling 'fixsystem' if
-needed so the mpi utilities code compiles without further user
-intervention for any compiler.</li>
-<li>Make the default input.nml for the Lorenz 96 and Lorenz 63 model gives
-good assimilation results. Rename the original input.nml to
-input.workshop.nml. The workshop_setup script renames it back before doing
-anything else so this won't break the workshop instructions. Simplify all the
-workshop_setup.csh scripts to do the minimal work needed by the DART
-<li>Updates to the models/template directory with the start of a full 3d
-geophysical model template. Still under construction.</li>
-<li>Move the pdf files in the tutorial directory up a level.  Removed
-framemaker source files because we no longer have access to a working
-version of the Framemaker software.  Moved routines that generate figures
-and diagrams to a non-distributed directory of the subversion repository.</li>
-<li>Enable netCDF large file support in the work/input.nml for models which
-are likely to have large state vectors.</li>
-<li>Minor updates to the doc.css file, make pages look identical in the
-safari and firefox browsers.</li>
-<li>Added a utility that sorts and reformats namelists, culls all comments to
-the bottom of the file. Useful for doing diffs and finding duplicated
-namelists in a file.</li>
-<li>Cleaned up mkmf files - removed files for obsolete platforms and
-compilers, updated suggested default flags for intel.</li>
-<li>Update the mkmf template for gfortran to allow fortran source lines
-longer than 132 characters.</li>
+   <li><em class=program>obs_impact_tool </em> please refer to

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