[Dart-dev] DART/branches Revision: 11348

dart at ucar.edu dart at ucar.edu
Wed Mar 15 16:31:07 MDT 2017

nancy at ucar.edu
2017-03-15 16:31:06 -0600 (Wed, 15 Mar 2017)
added warnings about frequent updates to come.

Modified: DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html
--- DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html	2017-03-15 22:16:57 UTC (rev 11347)
+++ DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html	2017-03-15 22:31:06 UTC (rev 11348)
@@ -944,7 +944,12 @@
 <h2>Known Problems</h2>
+<li>There are many changes in this release and more updates are
+expected to come soon.  We are not aware of any obvious bugs, but 
+if you encounter any unexpected behavior please contact us. 
+Please watch the dart-users email list for announcements of updates
+to the release code, and be prepared to do an 'svn update' from time
+to time to get updated files.

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