[Dart-dev] DART/branches Revision: 11323

dart at ucar.edu dart at ucar.edu
Tue Mar 14 16:50:23 MDT 2017

hendric at ucar.edu
2017-03-14 16:50:23 -0600 (Tue, 14 Mar 2017)
adding information about no longer require the
external MEXNC toolbox!

Modified: DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/index.html
--- DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/index.html	2017-03-14 22:46:06 UTC (rev 11322)
+++ DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/index.html	2017-03-14 22:50:23 UTC (rev 11323)
@@ -86,6 +86,9 @@
 The DART directory structure has been revamped to help
 users more easily find the various utilities, tools, supported models,
 and observation types that come with the DART distribution.
+The Matlab diagnostic routines have been rewritten to no
+longer require the external MEXNC toolbox.  They now use 
+the intrinsic Matlab NetCDF functions.
 To get started, look here:

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