[Dart-dev] DART/branches Revision: 11837

dart at ucar.edu dart at ucar.edu
Thu Jul 20 11:15:58 MDT 2017

thoar at ucar.edu
2017-07-20 11:15:57 -0600 (Thu, 20 Jul 2017)
Replacement branch for corrupt rma_openggcm branch.
Will be moving branches/rma_openggcm to dead pile.

Modified: DART/branches/openggcm/assimilation_code/modules/observations/DEFAULT_obs_kind_mod.F90
--- DART/branches/openggcm/assimilation_code/modules/observations/DEFAULT_obs_kind_mod.F90	2017-07-20 16:51:07 UTC (rev 11836)
+++ DART/branches/openggcm/assimilation_code/modules/observations/DEFAULT_obs_kind_mod.F90	2017-07-20 17:15:57 UTC (rev 11837)
@@ -445,10 +445,13 @@
   QTY_LARGE_SCALE_STATE             = 361, &
   QTY_SMALL_SCALE_STATE             = 362
+integer, parameter, public :: &
+  QTY_ELECTRIC_POTENTIAL            = 363
 ! max_defined_quantities is private to this module.  see comment below near the max_obs_specific
 ! declaration for more info about publics and private values.
-integer, parameter :: max_defined_quantities = 362
+integer, parameter :: max_defined_quantities = 363
 ! This list is autogenerated by the 'preprocess' program.  To add new
@@ -852,6 +855,7 @@
 obs_kind_names(360) = obs_kind_type(QTY_SEA_SURFACE_ANOMALY,   'QTY_SEA_SURFACE_ANOMALY')
 obs_kind_names(361) = obs_kind_type(QTY_LARGE_SCALE_STATE,     'QTY_LARGE_SCALE_STATE')
 obs_kind_names(362) = obs_kind_type(QTY_SMALL_SCALE_STATE,     'QTY_SMALL_SCALE_STATE')
+obs_kind_names(363) = obs_kind_type(QTY_ELECTRIC_POTENTIAL,    'QTY_ELECTRIC_POTENTIAL')
 ! count here, then output below

Added: DART/branches/openggcm/models/openggcm/README
--- DART/branches/openggcm/models/openggcm/README	                        (rev 0)
+++ DART/branches/openggcm/models/openggcm/README	2017-07-20 17:15:57 UTC (rev 11837)
@@ -0,0 +1,161 @@
+# DART software - Copyright UCAR. This open source software is provided
+# by UCAR, "as is", without charge, subject to all terms of use at
+# http://www.image.ucar.edu/DAReS/DART/DART_download
+# DART $Id$
+Working with
+Joachim (Jimmy) Raeder
+Professor of Physics, Department of Physics & Space Science Center
+University of New Hampshire
+245G Morse Hall, 8 College Rd, Durham, NH 03824-3525
+voice: 603-862-3412  mobile: 603-502-9505  assistant: 603-862-1431
+e-mail: J.Raeder at unh.edu  
+WWW: http://mhd.sr.unh.edu/~jraeder/tmp.homepage
+on machine:
+17 June 2016 (from Jimmy) :
+... by now I got the compile issues resolved, such that netcdf_utilities.f90 is 
+automagically compiled and loaded with OpenGGCM.  I had to fix a few things, and 
+at least one (making nc_check public) in netcdf_utilities.f90 (no svn ci yet).
+The current test run is tst-jr-003.
+cd ~/4/tst-jr-003 ;  ./clean ; ./runme.
+It will create 
+~/tst-jr-003 where the compilation is done, and 
+~/pp/tst-jr-003 where the output files end up, including 
+~/pp/tst-jr-003/tst-jr-003.log which shows progress and where all STDOUT/STDERR
+output goes.
+At present the code runs fine up to the point where it writes out a `.nc' 
+file for DART, and then waits for something to come back.  The next step 
+will be to implement the readback from DART.
+(marked  'SECTIONDART RECEIVE IN CTIM_INTERFACE' in openggcm-2016-04-18/src/ctim-core.for.)
+Since that requires both some netcdf_utilities.f90 and OpenGGCM knowledge 
+I suggest we do that together, maybe via a Skype session, in a couple of 
+weeks or so.
+8 August 2016 (from Jimmy):
+Great, Tuesday 8/23 it is.
+I'll show at 9am and will have time through lunch at least.
+I've now figured out the logic and the O+ grid.
+See: ./openggcm-2016-04-18/src/readme-dart-flow.txt for a flow schematic.
+There are write statements in the code now that all start with 'DART', 
+so it's easier to see what happens to the DART related calls when you 
+grep DART from the log file.  Right now the semaphore is not deleted,
+so it runs through and does not wait for DART.
+The O+ grid is computed (opl_grid_geo_hgt/la/lon) but not written out.  
+I figured I'd leave that for you so you can do it your preferred way.
+CU in a couple weeks - Jimmy
+Mon Aug 22 17:06:09 MDT 2016 : TJH : Notes to discuss with Jimmy on Tues Aug 23rd AM
+* Need to read in the oplus grids now.
+* The grid_type does not support full 3D lon/lat/height so we might 
+  need a new type.
+* I believe the oplus grid (which I called oplus_lon(:,:,:), 
+  oplus_lat(:,:,:), oplus_height(:,:,:))
+  replaces the 'mag_grid' variable. 'ig_lon' and 'ig_lat' are the dimensions ...

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