[Dart-dev] DART/branches Revision: 11786

dart at ucar.edu dart at ucar.edu
Mon Jul 3 15:29:56 MDT 2017

thoar at ucar.edu
2017-07-03 15:29:52 -0600 (Mon, 03 Jul 2017)
Referencing the updated location of the mpi README people are
pointed to when the mpi build fails.

Modified: DART/branches/rma_trunk/assimilation_code/modules/utilities/mpi_utilities_mod.f90
--- DART/branches/rma_trunk/assimilation_code/modules/utilities/mpi_utilities_mod.f90	2017-06-29 22:07:47 UTC (rev 11785)
+++ DART/branches/rma_trunk/assimilation_code/modules/utilities/mpi_utilities_mod.f90	2017-07-03 21:29:52 UTC (rev 11786)
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 ! Use one but not both.   The 'use' line must be before the 'implicit none' 
 ! and 'private' lines, 'include' must come after.  Go figure.
 ! For more help on compiling a module which uses MPI see the 
-! $DART/doc/mpi directory. 
+! $DART/developer_tests/mpi_utilities/tests/README
 use mpi

Modified: DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/mpi_intro.html
--- DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/mpi_intro.html	2017-06-29 22:07:47 UTC (rev 11785)
+++ DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/mpi_intro.html	2017-07-03 21:29:52 UTC (rev 11786)
@@ -180,8 +180,9 @@
 more complicated than running a single executable.  There are a suite
 of small test programs to help diagnose any problems encountered in 
 trying to run the new version of DART.   Look in 
-<em class=file>$DART/mpi_utilities/tests</em> for
-the README and a set of tests to narrow down any difficulties.
+<a href="../../developer_tests/mpi_utilities/tests/README">
+developer_tests/mpi_utilities/tests/README</a> for
+instructions and a set of tests to narrow down any difficulties.
 <H3>Performance issues and timing results</H3>

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