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Thu Dec 29 10:34:41 MST 2016

thoar at ucar.edu
2016-12-29 10:34:40 -0700 (Thu, 29 Dec 2016)
Bringing the branches/NOGAPS  up-to-date with the trunk r10845 in
preparation for merging the NOGAPS branch onto the trunk and deprecating
the NOGAPS branch.  We got the OK to distribute the interfaces (but not 
the NOGAPS code, naturally) several years ago but never got around to
actually putting it on the trunk.  This model requires LAPACK to build
a NOGAPS library that is used by parts of the DART interfaces, so it is
practically impossible to test the code without the actual NOGAPS code.
This makes it hard to maintain ...

"Reynolds, Dr. Carolyn <Carolyn.Reynolds at nrlmry.navy.mil> 6/18/13
to Jim, Daniel, Tim, me, Justin 

Hi Tim,
After some discussion with the group here  we think it would be find to put out the NOGAPS interface.  However, we don't have the NOGAPS code available for public download.

Index: DART/branches/NOGAPS
--- DART/branches/NOGAPS	2016-12-29 17:26:07 UTC (rev 10845)
+++ DART/branches/NOGAPS	2016-12-29 17:34:40 UTC (rev 10846)

Property changes on: DART/branches/NOGAPS
Modified: svn:mergeinfo
## -1,3 +1,6 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Modified: DART/branches/NOGAPS/DART_LAB/DART_LAB.html
--- DART/branches/NOGAPS/DART_LAB/DART_LAB.html	2016-12-29 17:26:07 UTC (rev 10845)
+++ DART/branches/NOGAPS/DART_LAB/DART_LAB.html	2016-12-29 17:34:40 UTC (rev 10846)
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
-<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../doc/html/doc.css">
-<link href="../doc/html/dart.ico" rel="shortcut icon" />
+<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../doc/html/doc.css" />
+<link href="../doc/images/dart.ico" rel="shortcut icon" />
 <A NAME="TOP"></A>
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
 <table border=0 summary="" cellpadding=5>
     <td valign=middle>
-    <img src="../doc/html/Dartboard7.png" alt="DART project logo" height=70 />
+    <img src="../doc/images/Dartboard7.png" alt="DART project logo" height=70 />
        <P>Jump to <a href="../index.html">DART Documentation Main Index</a><br />
@@ -26,14 +26,14 @@
 <A HREF="#Presentations">Presentations</A> /
-<A HREF="#Matlab">Matlab Programs</A> /
+<A HREF="#Matlab">Matlab&#174; Programs</A> /
 <A HREF="#Legalese">TERMS OF USE</A>
 The files in this directory contain PDF tutorial
-materials on DART, and Matlab exercises.  See below for links to the
+materials on DART, and Matlab&#174; exercises.  See below for links to the
 PDF files and a list of the corresponding matlab scripts.
@@ -53,17 +53,25 @@
 Here are the PDF files for the presentation part of the tutorial:
-<LI><A HREF="presentation/DART_section1.pdf">Section 1:</A> The basics in 1D.</LI>
-<LI><A HREF="presentation/DART_section2.pdf">Section 2:</A> How should observations of a state variable impact an unobserved state variable? Multivariate assimilation.</LI>
-<LI><A HREF="presentation/DART_section3.pdf">Section 3:</A> Sampling error and localization.</LI>
-<LI><A HREF="presentation/DART_section4.pdf">Section 4:</A> The Ensemble Kalman Filter (Perturbed Observations).</LI>
+<LI><A HREF="presentation/DART_LAB_Section01.pdf">Section 1:</A> The basics in 1D.</LI>
+<LI><A HREF="presentation/DART_LAB_Section02.pdf">Section 2:</A> How should observations of a state variable impact an unobserved state variable? Multivariate assimilation.</LI>
+<LI><A HREF="presentation/DART_LAB_Section03.pdf">Section 3:</A> Sampling error and localization.</LI>
+<LI><A HREF="presentation/DART_LAB_Section04.pdf">Section 4:</A> The Ensemble Kalman Filter (Perturbed Observations).</LI>
+<P><strong>Please note:</strong> as Matlab continues to develop its 
+GUI capabilities, some features change and the GUIs we have written 
+may behave slightly differently with different Matlab versions.  In 
+early 2016, I rewrote the GUIs such that they (should) work with 
+almost all(?) versions of Matlab available at the time. I also chose to consolidate the multiple-figure GUIs into a single, 
+rescalable figure so some of the presentation materials may look slightly different than the new tools.
 <A NAME="Matlab"></A>
-<H2>Matlab Hands-On Exercises</H2>
+<H2>Matlab&#174; Hands-On Exercises</H2>
 In the <em class=file>matlab</em> subdirectory are a set of
@@ -90,7 +98,6 @@
 and type the names at the prompt.
 <!-- Legalese & Metadata                                              -->

Deleted: DART/branches/NOGAPS/DART_LAB/matlab/advance_oned.m
--- DART/branches/NOGAPS/DART_LAB/matlab/advance_oned.m	2016-12-29 17:26:07 UTC (rev 10845)
+++ DART/branches/NOGAPS/DART_LAB/matlab/advance_oned.m	2016-12-29 17:34:40 UTC (rev 10846)

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