[Dart-dev] [6609] DART/trunk/doc/html: added a section on the changes to the obs_common_subset namelist.

nancy at ucar.edu nancy at ucar.edu
Thu Nov 14 09:48:32 MST 2013

Revision: 6609
Author:   nancy
Date:     2013-11-14 09:48:32 -0700 (Thu, 14 Nov 2013)
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added a section on the changes to the obs_common_subset namelist.

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Modified: DART/trunk/doc/html/Lanai_diffs_from_Kodiak.html
--- DART/trunk/doc/html/Lanai_diffs_from_Kodiak.html	2013-11-13 23:29:02 UTC (rev 6608)
+++ DART/trunk/doc/html/Lanai_diffs_from_Kodiak.html	2013-11-14 16:48:32 UTC (rev 6609)
@@ -49,7 +49,9 @@
 <a href="Lanai_release.html">Lanai Release Notes</a>, which
 include installation instructions, a walk-through of running
 one of the low-order models, the diagnostics, and a description
-of non-backward compatible changes.
+of non-backward compatible changes.  See the 
+<a href="Lanai_release.html#CurrentUsers">Notes for Current Users</a>
+section for additional information on changes in this release.
@@ -373,6 +375,8 @@
 <LI>Fixed logic in obs_seq_verify when determining the forecast lat.</LI>
 <LI>Fixed loops inside obs_seq_coverage which were using the wrong limits on
 the loops. Fixed writing of 'ntimes' in output netcdf variable.</LI>
+<LI>The obs_common_subset tool supports comparing more than 2 obs_seq.final
+files at a time, and will loop over sets of files.</LI>
 <LI>Rewrote the algorithm in the obs_selection tool so it had better scaling
 with large numbers of obs.</LI>
 <LI>Several improvements to the 'obs_diag' program:

Modified: DART/trunk/doc/html/Lanai_release.html
--- DART/trunk/doc/html/Lanai_release.html	2013-11-13 23:29:02 UTC (rev 6608)
+++ DART/trunk/doc/html/Lanai_release.html	2013-11-14 16:48:32 UTC (rev 6609)
@@ -2007,6 +2007,14 @@
 model_mod.f90</em> file and have questions about usage, 
 <a href="mailto:dart at ucar.edu">contact</a> the DART development team.</li>
+<li>The <em class=program>obs_common_subset</em> program namelist has
+changed.  The program compares <em class=file>obs_seq.final</em> files
+that were produced by different runs of filter using the same input
+obs_sequence file.  The old version supported comparing only 2 files
+at a time; this version supports up to 50.  It also enforces the
+implicit assumption that the incoming obs_seq.final files are identical
+except for the DART QC and the obs values.</li>
 <li>The simple_advection model was incorrectly calling the random number
 generator initialization routines after generating some random numbers.
 It now correctly initializes the generator before getting any random values.</li>

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