[Dart-dev] [6590] DART/trunk/models/wrf/shell_scripts/advance_model.html: fix the documentation to not refer to the obsolete 'wrf_tf_dart'.

nancy at ucar.edu nancy at ucar.edu
Fri Nov 8 16:29:28 MST 2013

Revision: 6590
Author:   nancy
Date:     2013-11-08 16:29:28 -0700 (Fri, 08 Nov 2013)
Log Message:
fix the documentation to not refer to the obsolete 'wrf_tf_dart'.
have it describe 'wrf_to_dart' and 'dart_to_wrf'.

Modified Paths:

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Modified: DART/trunk/models/wrf/shell_scripts/advance_model.html
--- DART/trunk/models/wrf/shell_scripts/advance_model.html	2013-11-08 23:28:49 UTC (rev 6589)
+++ DART/trunk/models/wrf/shell_scripts/advance_model.html	2013-11-08 23:29:28 UTC (rev 6590)
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@
-This script is invoked <strong>by</strong> <em class=routine>advance_ens.csh</em>
+This script is invoked <strong>by</strong> <em class=program>advance_ens.csh</em>
@@ -113,16 +113,20 @@
 <TABLE width=100% border=0 summary="" cellpadding=3> 
    <TR><TH valign=top align=left>Program</TH><TH>Purpose</TH></TR>
-   <TR><TD valign=top><em class=routine>dart_tf_wrf</em></TD>
-       <TD>Fortran program to convert DART to/from WRF format. It is executed
-       twice, the first time to convert from DART to WRF and the second time to
-       convert from WRF to DART.</TD></TR>
+   <TR><TD valign=top><em class=program>dart_to_wrf</em> and 
+       <em class=program>wrf_to_dart</em></TD>
+       <TD>Fortran programs to convert DART to/from WRF format. 
+       <em class=program>dart_to_wrf</em> converts from DART format
+       to WRF NetCDF files.
+       <em class=program>wrf_to_dart</em> converts from WRF NetCDF
+       files to DART initial condition/restart file format.
+       </TD></TR>
-   <TR><TD valign=top><em class=routine>update_wrf_bc</em></TD>
+   <TR><TD valign=top><em class=program>update_wrf_bc</em></TD>
        <TD>Fortran program to update the boundary condition tendencies.
-   <TR><TD valign=top><em class=routine>wrf.exe</em></TD>
+   <TR><TD valign=top><em class=program>wrf.exe</em></TD>
        <TD>Fortran program to run the WRF model.

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