[Dart-dev] FYI about DART

Tim Hoar thoar at ucar.edu
Thu Jan 6 10:40:03 MST 2011

Just a little update to let you know that the HEAD version of DART
is alive and well according to the Intel 10 and Intel 11 compilers
on linux machines, the IBM compiler on bluefire, and my gfortran
compiler on my Mac desktop. I have not tested the PG compiler yet,
but will soon.

My latest changes were general code cleanup - removing unused variables
and interface routines, adding a little error-checking, fixing typos
in comments, that sort of thing.

Not all of my test platforms have the necessary libraries for the
observation converters, so they are untested on all but the Intel
compilers on the NCAR mirage cluster.

I did discover that if you use the Intel 10+ or newer compilers in
a production environment (i.e. at some optimization greater than -O0)
you should remove the -fpe0 flag and use the -ftz flag instead.
The code !crashes! with -O2 -fpe0 (but not with -O0 -fpe0) and works
just fine with -O2 -ftz.  The Intel docs indicate that -fpe0 is also
much more of a performance hit than -ftz (flush to zero). I made the
appropriate comments in the mkmf.template.intel* files.

Cheers -- Tim

Tim Hoar, Associate Scientist
National Center for Atmospheric Research
thoar at ucar.edu
303 497 1708

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