[Dart-dev] [4127] DART/trunk/preprocess/preprocess.html: Documenting a namelist item that was added a while ago

nancy at ucar.edu nancy at ucar.edu
Thu Nov 5 14:27:40 MST 2009

Revision: 4127
Author:   nancy
Date:     2009-11-05 14:27:40 -0700 (Thu, 05 Nov 2009)
Log Message:
Documenting a namelist item that was added a while ago
and never made it into the html file.

Modified Paths:

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Modified: DART/trunk/preprocess/preprocess.html
--- DART/trunk/preprocess/preprocess.html	2009-11-05 21:26:32 UTC (rev 4126)
+++ DART/trunk/preprocess/preprocess.html	2009-11-05 21:27:40 UTC (rev 4127)
@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@
     <em class="file">obs_kind_mod.F90</em> in the obs_kind
      directory.   </TD></TR>
 <TR><!--contents--><TD valign=top>input_files           </TD>
-    <!--  type  --><TD valign=top>character(len=129)<BR>
+    <!--  type  --><TD valign=top>character(len=129)(:)<BR>
           <em class="unit">[default: 'null']</em></TD>
     <!--descript--><TD> A list of up to max_input_files file names that contain
      special format obs definition files that are to be incorporated into the
@@ -199,6 +199,12 @@
      information about the observation type(s). These files normally reside in
      the obs_def directory in files such as 
       <em class="file">obs_def_reanalysis_bufr_mod.f90</em>.</TD></TR>
+<TR><!--contents--><TD valign=top>force           </TD>
+    <!--  type  --><TD valign=top>logical<BR>
+          <em class="unit">[default: .false.]</em></TD>
+    <!--descript--><TD> If set to .true., will allow preprocess to overwrite
+     existing obs_kind_mod.f90 and obs_def_mod.f90 files without complaint.  
+     The default setting prevents you from overwriting existing files. </TD>

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