[Dart-dev] [3665] DART/trunk/models/wrf/work/quickbuild.csh: remove misleading comment leftover from workshop_setup

nancy at ucar.edu nancy at ucar.edu
Wed Nov 19 09:19:44 MST 2008

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Modified: DART/trunk/models/wrf/work/quickbuild.csh
--- DART/trunk/models/wrf/work/quickbuild.csh	2008-11-19 16:10:55 UTC (rev 3664)
+++ DART/trunk/models/wrf/work/quickbuild.csh	2008-11-19 16:19:43 UTC (rev 3665)
@@ -11,39 +11,8 @@
 # $Revision$
 # $Date$
-# Script to manage the compilation of all components for this model;
-# executes a known "perfect model" experiment using an existing
-# observation sequence file (obs_seq.in) and initial conditions appropriate 
-# for both 'perfect_model_obs' (perfect_ics) and 'filter' (filter_ics).
-# There are enough initial conditions for 80 ensemble members in filter.
-# Use ens_size = 81 and it WILL bomb. Guaranteed.
-# The 'input.nml' file controls all facets of this execution.
+# This script compiles all executables in this directory.
-# 'create_obs_sequence' and 'create_fixed_network_sequence' were used to
-# create the observation sequence file 'obs_seq.in' - this defines 
-# what/where/when we want observations. This script does not run these 
-# programs - intentionally. 
-# 'perfect_model_obs' results in a True_State.nc file that contains 
-# the true state, and obs_seq.out - a file that contains the "observations"
-# that will be assimilated by 'filter'.
-# 'filter' results in three files (at least): Prior_Diag.nc - the state 
-# of all ensemble members prior to the assimilation (i.e. the forecast), 
-# Posterior_Diag.nc - the state of all ensemble members after the 
-# assimilation (i.e. the analysis), and obs_seq.final - the ensemble 
-# members' estimate of what the observations should have been.
-# Once 'perfect_model_obs' has advanced the model and harvested the 
-# observations for the assimilation experiment, 'filter' may be run 
-# over and over by simply changing the namelist parameters in input.nml.
-# The result of each assimilation can be explored in model-space with
-# matlab scripts that directly read the netCDF output, or in observation-space.
-# 'obs_diag' is a program that will create observation-space diagnostics
-# for any result of 'filter' and results in a couple data files that can
-# be explored with yet more matlab scripts.
 # 'preprocess' is a program that culls the appropriate sections of the
 # observation module for the observations types in 'input.nml'; the 
@@ -150,3 +119,4 @@
 echo ' for lsf run "bsub < runme_filter"'
 echo ' for pbs run "qsub runme_filter"'
 echo ' for lam-mpi run "lamboot" once, then "runme_filter"'

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