[Dart-dev] [3420] DART/trunk/location/threed_sphere/location_mod.html: Add missing doc for kind arguments to the get_dist()

nancy at ucar.edu nancy at ucar.edu
Tue Jun 3 15:36:56 MDT 2008

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Modified: DART/trunk/location/threed_sphere/location_mod.html
--- DART/trunk/location/threed_sphere/location_mod.html	2008-06-03 21:28:19 UTC (rev 3419)
+++ DART/trunk/location/threed_sphere/location_mod.html	2008-06-03 21:36:56 UTC (rev 3420)
@@ -280,10 +280,11 @@
 <A NAME="get_dist"></A>
 <div class=routine>
-<em class=call> var = get_dist( loc1, loc2, no_vert)</em>
+<em class=call> var = get_dist( loc1, loc2, kind1, kind2, no_vert)</em>
 real(r8)                             :: <em class=code> get_dist </em>
 type(location_type),     intent(in)  :: <em class=code> loc1, loc2 </em>
+integer,                 intent(in)  :: <em class=code> kind1, kind2 </em>
 logical, optional                    :: <em class=code> no_vert </em>
@@ -301,6 +302,13 @@
 vertical distance is included or not.
+The kind arguments are not used by the default location code, but
+are available to any user-supplied distance routines which want to
+do specialized calculations based on the types associated with each
+of the two locations.
 <TABLE width=100% border=0 summary="" cellpadding=3>
 <TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>loc1 &nbsp; &nbsp; </em></TD>
@@ -309,6 +317,12 @@
 <TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>loc2</em></TD>
     <TD>second location.</TD></TR>
+<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>kind1</em></TD>
+    <TD>DART kind associated with the first location.</TD></TR>
+<TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>kind2</em></TD>
+    <TD>DART kind associated with the second location.</TD></TR>
 <TR><TD valign=top><em class=code>no_vert</em></TD>
     <TD>If true, no vertical component to distance. If false, vertical
          component is included.</TD></TR>

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