[CoWy ASA] Denver R Users Group googleVis - Nov 15th, CU Denver

Matt Pocernich mjpdenver at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 23:04:58 MDT 2011

The topic for the next Denver R Users Group is googleVis.

googleVis  allows one to create dynamic, interactive graphics for use
in presentations and on websites.  This was inspired by the technology
used in Hans Rosling's 2006 TED talk on global health.  (
) If you haven't seen this video - it is an amazing example of the
effective communication of statistics through graphics. Hans Rosling
used software called gapminder.  This company was bought by Google who
further developed the technology.

A search of googleVis will uncover a variety of different types of
plots available using technology.  This talk will focus on the
motioncharts -  as made available in the R library.  Essentially,
motioncharts are  animated and annotated scatter plots.

This will potentially be a MEDIOCRE talk about a very COOL package,
followed by a trip to a nearby bar for some DELICIOUS beer.

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