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### Spring meeting reminder + logistics

THIS FRIDAY -APRIL 15th, the spring Chapter Meeting will be held at the
National Center for Atmospheric Research - Mesa Lab.  Directions can be
found at  http://www2.ucar.edu/campus/mesa-laboratory.  We will be meeting
at in the main seminar room.  There is no fee or registration required for
this event.

Lunch Options -  We will be having lunch at NCAR's cafeterial.  1.  You can
bring your own lunch.  2.  For $5 you can have lunch in the cafeteria.
This  is partially subsidized by the chapter.  3.  There are some restaurant
options near Broadway and Table Mesa.  On thing to not is that the cafeteria
does not take credit cards.

The lunch break is 90 minutes.  During this extended lunch period you may
choose to attend a 30 minute architectural tour of the Mesa building, take a
wake on one of the trails leading from the lab or take a nap.

Near final Agenda

 *Colorado Wyoming ASA Spring Meeting April 15th*

9:00                  9:30                  Coffee and Donut

9:30                  10:00                  Pecha Kecha, Pocernich, Brown,
Williamson,                   *Fun, fun, fun.*

10:00                  10:15                  Lee Chihoon  *On the return
time for a reflected fractional Brownian motion process on the positive

10:15                  10:30                  Tamara Greasby

10:30                  10:45                  Will Keiber  *Geostatistical
model averaging for locally calibrated probabilistic quantitative
precipitation forecasting*

10:45                  11:15                  Scot Leeks ASQ  *Statistics
and Lean Six Sigma: A Perfect Combination*

11:15                  11:30                  Local User Groups DSUG, DRUG
and ASQ

11:30                  13:00                  Lunch and optional Mesa

13:00                  13:15                  Sarabdeep Singh
*Analysis of gene duplication data*

13:15                  13:30                  Chris Bukowski
*Investigating spatial correlation estimation when nonparametrically
smoothing the mean trend*

13:30                  13:45                  Megan Yoder
Wind Power for a Short Horizon*

13:45                  14:00                  Andreea Erciulescu
*Autocovariance Structures for Radial Averages in Small Angle X-Ray
Scattering Experiments*

14:00                  14:15                  Wang Huan
splines with shape constraints*

14:15                  14:30                  Break

14:30                  14:45                  Anna Forssen
*Validation and Use of an Attitude Survey: Measuring the Impact of a High
School Intervention on Students’ Attitudes in IT*

14:45                  15:00                  Tonya Lauriski-Karriker
*Risk Set Sampling for Case Crossover Designs*

15:00                  15:15                  Andre Williams
*Stereotype Logit Models for High Dimensional Data*

15:15                  15:45                  Chapter Business

### Winners David Young Award - CSEF

Thanks to Calvin Croy, Kelly McConville, Tom Boardman, Craig Weismen,  and
Bruce Bugbee for attending  the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair to
select winners for the David Young Award.  The winners are.

Senior Division

 *David Young Award Winner*  ($150)

Braedon Horton, Brydie Mitchell, Kelli Buhrdorf.  *The Game of Life.  A
Critical Analysis of Three Taxation Methods*.  Project # 2-02-301.

*Honorable Mentions* ($25 ITunes Card)

Kathryn McClain.  *A Study of Audio-Visual Coactivation in Noise*.  Project
# 2-02-003Soyeun Yang.  *Synthesis and Use of Gold Nanoparticle Therapeutics
in Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria*.  Project # 2-10-006.

Junior Division

*David Young Award Winner*  ($150 Check)

Ethan Coldren.  *Can You Predict the Weather by Watching Birds?*  Project #

*Honorable Mentions* ($25 ITunes Card)

Aleesa Muir.  *Analyzing the Deteriorating Effects of Acid Precipitation on
Natural Landscaping.*  Project # 1-04-004.

Joshua Willis.  *Good Vibrations?*  Project # 1-11-018

### ASA Traveling Course - Markov Simulation

### ASA Traveling Course - Markov Simulation with *Zachary Skrivanek *October
21, 2011 - University of Denver

More details will follow, but the chapter has been selected to host an ASA
Traveling course this fall.  This will be a one day workshop.

 Simulation has a wide range of applications from military strategy to
engineering queuing models to quantum physics. This course will cater
towards statisticians and will focus on Monte Carlo simulations used to
estimate complex processes or functions. The theory behind pseudo random
number generators will be explained and an overview of modeling and
simulation will be given and illustrated with case studies. Specific topics
include importance sampling, McMC, queing models and clinical trial
simulation. Examples will be given in R, but the course will be general
enough so that the student can apply the methodology using any appropriate

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