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### Judges needed for the Colorado State Science Fair - Statistics  
Award April 8th.
### NCAR Summer Colloquium on Forecast Verification - June 7 - 18th

### Judges need for The David Young Award for the Best Use of  
Statistics in a Science Project at the Colorado  Science Fair -  
Thursday, April 8th.

Continuing a recent tradition, our chapter will giving an award at the  
Colorado State Science Fair for the best use of statistics in a  
science project.  Last year was the first year that students were  
required to indicate they wished to be judged for the award and submit  
a brief written description of the use of statistics in their  
projects.  This simplified the judging process by eliminating the need  
to quickly view every project for statistical content.  But the  
response was impressive with several dozen students opting to compete  
on both the junior and senior level.

The Fair is held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and  
judging typically takes the better part of the day.  There will be a  
car pool leaving from Denver.

Judging the contest is a very rewarding experience.  If you are  
interested or have questions, please contact Matt Pocernich atpocernic at ucar.edu 

A description of the award is listed below.

The David Young Award for the Best Use of Statistics in a Science  

The American Statistical Association (ASA) is a scientific and  
educational society founded in 1839 with the following mission: To  
promote excellence in the application of statistical science across  
the wealth of human endeavor.  This award is named after David Young  
(1945 – 2007) from the University of Colorado at Denver - Department  
of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics. David’s skills in both science  
and statistics allowed him to collaborate with medical investigators  
at the University of Colorado and help communicate results.

The Colorado/ Wyoming Chapter of the American Statistical Association  
organizes local activities for members in the Rocky Mountain regions.   
Members includes statisticians from a variety of backgrounds such as  
biostatistics, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical statistics,  
environmental statistics, quality control statistics and much more.

############ NCAR Summer Colloquium

Forecast Verification in the Atmospheric Sciences and Beyond
Summer Colloquium - National Center for Atmospheric Research
June 7 - June 18th,  Boulder Colorado

Application Deadline March 15th

Forecast verification is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field. As  
computing power grows, more forecast models are available with  
increased complexity and greater resolution, and are updated more  
frequently. New observations to verify forecasts are available from  
satellites, aircraft, and automobiles, and an increasing array of  
surface‐based instruments. New information technology is available to  
directly use forecasts in decision‐making processes.  The Colloquium  
will address the many facets of forecast verification and evaluation.  
Invited lecturers will discuss verification from the perspective of  
the meteorologist and climatologist, the statistician, the scientist  
and the decision maker. Speakers from the fields of meteorology,  
statistics, economics and health sciences will share a wide range of  
perspectives. To provide students with an opportunity to implement  
ideas from the lectures, students will work in groups on small, well‐ 
defined research projects.

This colloquium is designed for Graduate students who have completed  
at least one year of studies in meteorology and climatology or  
computer science, economics or statistics with an interest in weather  
and climate. ASP will fund travel and local expenses for about 25  
student participants during the Summer Colloquium.

More information can be found at http://www.asp.ucar.edu/colloquium/2010/ral/index.php 
  or contact Matt Pocernichpocernic at ucar.edu for more information.

Matthew Pocernich
Research Applications Laboratory
National Center for Atmospheric Research

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