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Christopher Nelson chrisnelson at nelsonconsulting.us
Tue Nov 3 17:00:29 MST 2009

TO: ASA CO/WY Chapter

SUBJECT:  Chapter activities


Hello everyone - The following is a list of upcoming CO/WY activities and
announcements that may be of interest to the CO/WY chapter.  This message
contains the following topics:







##### FALL CO/WY CHAPTER MEETING (April 24, 2009) #####  


The fall ASA CO/WY meeting will be held on November 13, 2009 at the Anschutz
Medical Campus (AMC).  There is no need to RSVP for this event. 


Event: CO/WY Fall Meeting 2009

Date: November 13, 2009

Location: AMC, ED1, P26-1300 (Education 1 building, room P26-1300)

Time:  1:30 - 4:00pm

DIRECTIONS:  See the attached file "AMC-UCD-VistorParking.pdf"


The afternoon will consist of four speakers on a variety of statistical
topics (see below). 


(1) Benjamin Dyhr, Metro State: Predicting Random Variables Associated with
the Self-Avoiding Random Walk on the Strip

(2) Lori Silveira, NJH and Epidemiology grad student: Genetic Susceptibility
in Chronic Beryllium Disease and Sarcoidosis

(3) Robert McQueen, Pharm. Outcomes Research grad student:
Cost-Effectiveness of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and Intensive
Insulin Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes 

(4) Joshua French: Extreme Value Theory 




As you may know, ASA members are invited each year to submit proposals for
initiatives that support the Association's mission. In the past, we have
funded initiatives with wide-ranging emphases, from reaching out to the K-12
system to enhancing technological access for chapters and sections to
increasing diversity in our profession. The 2010 ASA budget again includes
funding to support these Member Initiatives. We hope you will consider
participating in this activity and will think of a project that has the
potential to contribute to the advancement of the association. 
If you plan to submit a proposal, please do so no later than February 2,
2010. For more information about how to submit a proposal and a list of
proposals funded in prior years, please see
http://www.amstat.org/about/index.cfm?fuseaction=memberinitiatives .


Feel free to contact Stephen (below) if you have any questions regarding
this program. They look forward to receiving your proposal.

Stephen Porzio

Associate Executive Director & Director of Operations | American Statistical

732 North Washington Street Alexandria VA 22314 

(703) 684-1221 ext. 1846 |  Fax - (703) 684-8069 |  <http://www.amstat.org/>





ASA is delighted to invite you to the new ASA Community created to foster
better communication between members. The new Community offers a variety of
new tools to make it easier to communicate, collaborate, and share with your
fellow ASA and chapter members.


ASAGroups will be the new online home for your chapter.  Chapters are able
to exchange information in real time based on communication preferences set
by individuals. Use the "Post New Message" function to add to the
discussion.  Information will automatically be accessible and archived for
the chapter. Use your online chapter group to keep communication going
between face-to-face meetings. Edit your preferences by selecting "My


The Resource Library provides an area where chapter members may share and
comment on documents.  Take advantage of the resource library to share
important chapter documents.  To view your libraries, click "Resource
Library" and you will view a list of the libraries for all groups for which
you are a member.  You may add documents using the "Add Document" function
or view documents added by other members.


Get started today by logging in at  <http://community.amstat.org/>
http://community.amstat.org using your ASA Members Only login.  If you are
unsure of your login and password, you may reset your password through the
login page.


We hope you find this community useful to your chapter.  If you have any
questions, contact me by email  <mailto:jana at amstat.org> jana at amstat.org or
by phone (703)684-1221.


Jana Sabol 

Marketing Coordinator | American Statistical Association | 732 North
Washington Street Alexandria VA 22314 | Fax - (703)684-3445 |
<http://www.amstat.org/> www.amstat.org  





The Analysis of Cross-Classified Categorical Data short course was completed
on Oct 2, 2009.  There were 24 CO/WY members who participated in the class
at the University of Denver and the participant feedback was very good.  For
those of you interested in ordering Dr. Feinberg's book at a discount -
Please see the attached flyer.  Please let me know if you need any
additional information.




Christopher Nelson, Ph.D.

ASA CO/WY President 






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