[CoWy ASA] CSEF Winners/ Introductory Statistics Teacher's Workshop

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Sun Apr 12 21:18:24 MDT 2009

#### Colorado Science and Engineering Winners.

This year, the chapter formalized the award given for the best use of
statistics in a science project as the David Young Award for the Best
Use of Statistics in a Science Project.  This award is named after
David Young (1945 – 2007) from the Department of Preventive Medicine
and Biometrics of the University of Colorado Denver. David’s skills in
both science and statistics allowed him to collaborate with medical
investigators at the University of Colorado and help communicate
results. In this spirit, this award is presented for the best use of
statistics in a science project.

While there were many strong entries, the winners distinguished
themselves by their understanding of the usefulness of statistics,
their ability to explain there results and their understanding of the
basic principles of statistics.  Winners received checks for $150 as
well as student memberships in ASA.    We are happy to announce the
first winners.

In the senior division,  Sarah Guthrie - "Effect of Cytotoxic
Chemicals on Apoptosis in Caenorhabditis elegans"

In the junior division -   Jens Hybertson  -  "Modern Drugs from
Ancient Medicine: Finding New Antibiotics in Native American Medicinal

Thanks also to Calvin Croy and Thomas Jagger for helping to judge this event.

####  Improving Instruction in Introductory Statistics Course Workshop
- July 6 - July 10th

This workshop is for teachers of introductory statistics courses.
This course will be held at the National Center for Atmospheric
Research in Boulder.  Stipends are available for teacher to cover
lodging and other costs are covered by the organizers.     More
information is available at


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