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### Spring meeting summary
### Denver Articles in AMSTAT News
### Statistical issues in monitoring the environment workshop Oct.
### Statistics in Education

### Spring Meeting Summary
Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this year's spring meeting
a success.   We enjoyed good talks on a variety of topics.

+++ New President-Elect
Congratulations to Chris Nelson - the new President Elect for the
Colorado/Wyoming Chapter.  Chris is an adjunct professor at the
University of Denver as well as an independent consultant.  I will
continue as president through the fall when Chris will take over.  The
officers will be meeting shortly to discuss future activities.  These
will include a survey to help solicit member's opinions.

This online survey will be sent out shortly.  Please take a moment to
complete this survey.

### Articles in AMSTAT News

In the most recent issue of AMSTAT news, there are two articles about
the JSM this summer.
+++ Day Trips around Denver - This article was written by members of
local planning committee and describes day trips around the Denver
area.  .
+++ Meeting within a Meeting - Teacher's workshop.  This article
describes the Meeting within a Meeting's teachers workshop.  While the
workshop is filling quickly, applications are still being accepted.
Meeting planners are trying hard to accomadate more participants.

###  "Statistical Issues in Monitoring the Environment"  Workshop  Oct 08 ENVR

This workshop covers state-of-the-art applications and statistical
methods in environmental monitoring. Sessions on applications include
monitoring in ecology, monitoring in air quality, monitoring of
aquatic resources, monitoring of climate change and its impacts.  This
workshop will be held at NCAR in Boulder.


### Statistics for educators - the following couple of items relate to
statistics and education.

Recordings of web based talks can be found at the following link.
These talks have been recorded as a follow-on activity from last
year's Meeting within a Meeting  Teacher's workshop.


Statistics Teacher Network

For more information, see  http://www.amstat-online.org/sections/envr/
The Statistics Teacher Network (STN) is a free newsletter published by
the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability
for Grades K-12.  After having taken a few months off, STN is alive and
well and in a new electronic format! Visit STN issue 72 at

If you want to be informed of when future editions are available online,
please subscribe to our new STN email list by sending an email message
to listserv at mail.amstat.org with subscribe STN-L in the body. You will
receive an email confirmation upon completion. Only the list moderator
will send announcements to the list when new STN issues are available
online. We will no longer be mailing paper copies of STN or postcards
announcing new online STN issues.

Thank you for you interest in STN and your continued interest in
statistics education for grades K-12. Please inform your colleagues
about STN, and we welcome your feedback on the new electronic format. As
always, readers are encouraged to submit articles for publication.
Please email STN Editor Derek Webb at dwebb at bemidjistate.edu.

Jerry Moreno, Chair

ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on Curriculum in Probability and Statistics for
Grades K-12

moreno at jcu.edu

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