[Cowystats] JSM Teacher's Workshop - how to contact teachers.

Matt Pocernich mjpdenver at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 13:37:36 MDT 2008


I just heard from Rebecca Nichols - the coordinator for the Teacher's
Workshop which will be held here at the JSM.  Spaces are filling up
for all sessions except for the K-4.  2/3 of the applicants are from
outside Colorado.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  Children
everywhere need teachers who like and are good at teaching statistics.
  Part of the problem with this is that one of the goals of the
teacher's workshop is to create a connection between teachers and
local ASA members.  This won't happen with teachers from out of state.
 I will admit that the other part of the problem might have to do with
pride.  This is a great opportunity for the workshop to be held here
in Denver and it is kind of embarrassing to not be well represented.

I know this is not because of the quality of our teachers, the concern
of parents or because of our schools.  It is likely because we are not
reaching the right people or not conveying what a unique and very cool
opportunity this is.  To date, most of the effort at promoting this
has been done by sending emails to math coordinators, teaching
associations and so forth.  This is not effective.  For everyone who
comes back from a couple days vacation to find and inbox with a
hundred messages, this should come as no surprise.  People might also
suspect that we are trying to sell something, that we are consultants,
that there are costs associated with workshop or that the workshop is
run by people who mean well,but aren't experts in teaching - just
statistics.  None of these things are true.

We need contacts in schools who might be interested in this
information.  This might be math and science coordinators, math or
statistics teachers, or any teacher who might be interested.  If you
could send me or Rebecca (rebecca at amstat.org) names, emails and if
possible work phone numbers for such people, we will try to personally
contact them.  Be assured that this information will not be used for
any other purposes.

Thanks for your help.

Matt Pocernich

Sorry for the increased amounts of email from the Chapter.

## Meeting Within a Meeting.

 The following is a note from the organizer of the Meeting within a
 Meeting, teachers  training sessions which will be held as part of
the Joint Statistical
 Meeting this year.

 Please forward this information to any K-12 teachers you know who
 might be interested.

 *** From Rebecca Nicols

> Dear ASA Chapter Presidents,
> I am sending information about the American Statistical Association's
> Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM) workshop for K-12 mathematics and science
> teachers that will be held on Monday, August 4 and Tuesday, August 5 in
> conjunction with the 2008 Joint Statistical Meetings in Denver,
> Colorado. The primary goal of the MWM program in 2008 is to provide an
> opportunity for K-12 teachers who teach math and science to discuss and
> apply the data analysis and statistical concepts embodied in the
> Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education
> (GAISE) Pre-K-12 Curriculum Framework (www.amstat.org/education/gaise
> <http://www.amstat.org/education/gaise> ). Teachers will explore
> problems that require them to collect, organize, analyze, and draw
> conclusions from data and apply basic concepts of probability.
> We are hoping your chapter might be interested in sharing information
> about this workshop with K-12 teachers in you area and even consider
> funding the travel costs of one or more math and science teachers from
> your area to attend this free workshop. ASA will provide the
> registration fee, handouts, and some meals to accepted applicants.
> Workshop attendees may also receive a set reimbursement for lodging
> expenses for a two-night stay (one-night for Denver area teachers).
> Teachers will also have the option of attending sessions at JSM, such as
> the Statistical Education Sessions and Poster Session, and will be
> admitted to the Exhibit Hall.
> We are encouraging teachers to attend both Monday and Tuesday sessions.
> Grade K-4 and 9-12 teachers will attend their respective sessions on
> Monday and have the option of attending the middle school session (to
> see what material is taught after or before) or the Joint Statistical
> Meetings sessions on Tuesday. Grade 5-8 teachers will attend the middle
> school session on Tuesday with the option of attending the elementary or
> high school sessions (to see what material is taught before or after) or
> the Joint Statistical Meetings sessions on Monday. There will be a
> dinner and career panel discussion Monday evening for all participating
> teachers.
> More information and online application materials are available at
> www.amstat.org/education/mwm. Review of MWM applications will begin
> March 1, 2008 and continue until the workshop is filled.

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