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Hope everyone is having a pleasant summer.

***** JSM Salt Lake City - Items
***** JSM Meeting within a Meeting for Teachers
***** ASA and MS Statisticians
***** Chapter Survey

 1.  If people are driving and interested in car pooling, please contact
 me with the following information.  Are you interested in a ride or
 offering  a ride.  When are you leaving and returning.  I will try to
 summarize this information and put people in contact with one another.

 2.  Monday July 30th, 9 pm, Happy Hour Squatter Pub Brewery.
Since the JSM is so large, this  will give our chapter members -
particularly those not traveling in a large group, the opportunity to
touch base with one another.  Squatters is a local brew pub located
near the convention center at  147 West Broadway, Salt Lake
City. 801-363-2739.   

3.  Meeting within a meeting (MWM) for teachers.  The following is from a
note high lighting a new initiative at the JSM.  If you or a teacher 
you know might be interested in attending this session, please
encourage them to apply or to contact either me or Rebecca.

from Rebecca Nichols

 Assistant Director K-16 Education Programs 
 rebecca at amstat.org

I am writing to invite you or another Colorado-Wyoming chapter member to
attend Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM), held on July 30, 2007 in the
Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City during the Joint Statistical
Meetings.  MWM is a new workshop for middle school/junior high teachers
math and science teachers held during JSM to enhance statistics
education through the math and science curriculum.  For this first MWM
held in Salt Lake City, members of the Utah chapter are involved in MWM
and will be following-up with the Utah teachers.  Since MWM will be held
in Denver in 2008, we are hoping to involve the Colorado-Wyoming chapter
in next year's MWM and would like to invite someone from the chapter to
attend MWM in Salt Lake City.  Although MWM is an all-day workshop with
breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided, we would welcome a
Colorado-Wyoming chapter member to attend all or part of MWM (whatever
works for his/her schedule).  

For more information about MWM, including the MWM schedule, please see 
www.amstat.org/education/mwm <http://www.amstat.org/education/mwm>  and
the attached article about MWM that appeared in Amstat News.  We would
very much appreciate the support of the CO Chapter and hope that a
member will be able to join us for all or part of MWM this July.

Thank you for your consideration.  If you or someone from your chapter
is available to attend, please let me know as soon as possible.

 4.   The Role of the ASA in MS Statistician Careers 
(Thu, 8/2/07, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM)

 I am in a panel discussion on the role of the ASA in the lives of
 Master degreed statisticians.  Generally, I am focusing on my transition
 from being an  engineer to becoming a statistician.  I am then to go
 on to discuss strengths and weaknesses in the ASA as it relates to
 someone in my position.  I have my personal opinions on these
 topics, but if anyone has thoughts  on how the ASA - both at a
 national and local level is or might better serve them, please feel
 free to let me know and I will include your sentiments in my
 presentation.  Send your comments to pocernic at ucar.edu. 

 Thanks for you thoughts.

 *****  Chapter Survey

To help us get ready to plan some events for next year, could you take
a few moments to complete the following survey.  Responses are




Matt Pocernich
National Center for Atmospheric Research
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