[Cowystats] Colorado/ Wyoming ASA Note

Matt Pocernich pocernic at rap.ucar.edu
Fri Sep 8 16:01:58 MDT 2006


Hope everyone had a pleasant summer.  This is just a short note
to let members know what is being planned.  The officers met recently
and the following are some of the goals and ideas for the year. 

We are attempting to co-sponsor events with the schools, institutions
and other groups in our area.  From last year, an example of this 
type of event was Dr. Donald Rubin's lecture at CSU.  This event was
essentially organized by the PRogram for Interdisciplinary
Mathematics, Ecology, and Statistics (PRIMES) program. While dealing
with censored data, Dr. Rubin presented enough background material so
that the material was understandable and enjoyable to all.  Obviously,
without chapter involvement anyone would have still been welcome to
attend.  We hope that that the schools and partnering groups receive a
benefit from the additional focus on their event.      

As always, we face the problem of having members with amazingly
diverse and specialized interests.  We hope to have events that cover
a wide range of topics and member will attend even if it doesn't
directly apply to their specific area of statistics. 

If you have any ideas on collaborations that might work along these
lines, please let us know.

** We are working on having an invited speaker this fall.  Details are
will follow.

** Education outreach activities are continuing.  If you know of any
high school teachers who are willing to invite us into their classrooms
to give a lesson on design of experiments illustrated through by
playing with helicopters, please have them contact me.  In the spring
we will also be looking for volunteers to help judge at the state
science fair.

** JSM (2007 and 2008) - The next two JSM meetings are being held in
Salt Lake City and Denver.  If you've never been to a one, this is an
excellent opportunity since both are within driving distance.
Particularly we are considering ways in which we can encourage
students to attend both.  This might be through coordinating rides,
hotel room sharing, a small travel stipend, etc.  

** Officers

Again, currently our officers are:

President		- Matt Pocernich - NCAR - pocernic at ucar.edu
Secretary		- Deborah Hall 
Treasurer		- Sharar Boneh - Metro State College Denver
Chapter Representative	- Nels Gravested - Metro State College Denver 
President Elect		- Vacant
Newsletter Editor	- Vacant

** Spring Meeting 

The tentative date for the spring meeting is Friday April 20st, 2007.
Since you may not have your 2007 calendars yet, this information will 
probably be repeated.

** Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Matt Pocernich
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Research Applications Laboratory

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