[Cognosbi] Data warehouse / ART - FYI

Barbara Schnell bschnell at ucar.edu
Fri Aug 22 13:21:08 MDT 2014


IT plans to support the Data Warehouse through the FY14 Year End closes.
 Once the last close is complete we will re-evaluate whether to continue
into FY15 depending on where we are with the ART/Data Warehouse Transition
Project.  We will let you know at that time where we are.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting the transition of reports to Cognos
BI.  We are making steady progress and will announce the release of several
transitioned reports in the coming weeks.

Have a Great Weekend!
- Barb

Barbara Schnell
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
IT Project Manager - Corporate Systems, PMP, CSM
(303) 497-8522
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