[CFIC] UMC Presentation

Jim Van Dyke vandyke at ucar.edu
Wed May 7 12:42:31 MDT 2008

Sorry Pat for the late response. I have a few comments.

I think the interaction between the governance, management, and 
committee needs to be described. This would be after the 9th slide.

You may need to address the intentions of the committee along the same 
levels as the governance and management slides to show the groups will 
have direct input in how the rooms will be run.

One other item I noticed missing was a time line slide at the end. I 
know a number of schedules are variable because of the NCAR 
Supercomputing Center but you can give the folks a rough idea of how 
things are expected to move along with the other processes.

Thanks for your hard work,

Pat Waukau wrote:
> Greetings:
> So far I've only heard back from Marion regarding the presentation for the
> UMC.  I will need to send it to Eron after lunch today.  If anyone has
> any comments, pleaase get them to me by 1:30 today.
> Thanks, Pat 

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