[CFIC] CFIC: President's Council Update

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Fri Mar 21 13:16:39 MDT 2008


The presentation at the President's Council was well received.  The final
version of the presentation has been posted on the wiki.  The recommendation
to end the direct cost allocation methodology and move costs to the 
Facilities Indirect Cost Pool in FY09 was approved.  For those of you who
are not aware funds have been allocated to replace the old power feed to
the Mesa Lab, and as a part of that project will allow NETS to install a 
redundant network path to the Mesa Lab. 

Next steps are:

- I will schedule a joint meeting of the Technical and Financial points of 
  contact for sometime in the next week or two.
- I will also schedule a CFIC meeting for shortly after that date so that 
  we can regroup and discuss the next steps for completing the Implementation
  Plan document.
- A presentation will be given to the UMC in May

Thanks to everyone for all your effort in putting this together.


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