[CFIC] Draft: Message to Director's

Lance Jones lj at joss.ucar.edu
Tue Jan 29 15:08:46 MST 2008

Marion wrote:
> I disagree. Most  people have someone in mind already, and can designate
> them. If they need more time, let them ask for it. Marion

I'm not inclined to spend much effort debating the point since we have
plenty of other issues to work through in the next 1.5 months, but it
seems to me that the effort to build consensus is better served by a "soft
touch".  Especially with respect to the directors as their buy-in will be
critical to the success of the implementation plan.

In other words, a few extra days is a small price to pay to avoid being
perceived as forcing the directors to make a rushed decision.  This
project has been a long road for everyone- let's not blow it now because
of impatience.

Your call Pat.


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