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Marion Hammond mhammond at ucar.edu
Tue Jan 29 14:42:59 MST 2008

I disagree. Most  people have someone in mind already, and can designate 
them. If they need more time, let them ask for it. Marion

Pat Waukau wrote:
> Lance,
> On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 02:04:24PM -0700, Lance Jones wrote:
>> Pat, two thoughts right off:
>> 1) Feb 4th seems excessively short notice to make this decision.  I
>> suspect some directors are going to want more time to talk with their
>> people and ask questions.  Some might not even be around over the next few
>> days to have these conversations.  I would suggest Feb 11th at a minimum.
> How about a compromise of February 8?  We would want to invite designated
> technical representatives to the sys admin meeting the following week.
>> 2) Do you feel that it would be appropriate for some programs to designate
>> technical and financial points of contact to represent several programs?
> I'm not quite sure what you are asking.  In the case of UOP for instance,
> are you suggesting that there may a single technical person representing
> the interests of the Director's office, DLS, and JOSS?  If that type of
> consolidation makes sense, in my opinion it is up to the specific groups.
> Each group would still be asked to provide their final response to the 
> plan.
>> lj
>>> CFIC Members:
>>> Following is a draft message to be sent to all UCAR director's regarding
>>> input to the CFIC plan as discussed at our last meeting.   Please send me
>>> your comments by tomorrow morning.
>>> Thanks, Pat
>>> ---
>>> At the UCAR Management Committee (UMC) meeting in December 2006  the
>>> President's
>>> Council (PC) approved the Collocation Facilities Strategic Plan which
>>> outlined
>>> a new direction for provisioning infrastructure for the computational
>>> resources of divisions and programs within the institution.  In April 2007
>>> the PC chartered a follow-on committee, the Computing Facilities
>>> Implementation
>>> Committee (CFIC), to develop the companion document for implementing the
>>> strategic plan.  The implementation plan will address technical,
>>> financial,
>>> organizational process, governance, and management issues.
>>> With a project of this scope which impacts the entire organization, it
>>> is important that we build consensus on the future direction we will
>>> be taking.  In addition, with the current budget environment, it is
>>> equally
>>> important to develop a plan that is fiscally responsible yet will provide
>>> a viable infrastructure for the long-term.  In the coming weeks the CFIC
>>> committee will engage designated staff in discussions related
>>> to the various  aspects of the plan and incorporate their feedback
>>> into the final document. The goal of these interactions is to insure
>>> that we take into account specific needs of the various entities in the
>>> plan development.
>>> At this time we are asking you to designate a technical and financial
>>> point of contact for your division/program.   The technical point of
>>> contact should be an individual whose responsibility is the management
>>> and oversight of your existing computational resources, and can provide
>>> insight into the future strategic direction for computing for your entity.
>>> The administrative point of contact should be an individual who oversees
>>> the budget for your entity.  These individuals can determine if additional
>>> staff members need to be included in scheduled meetings depending on the
>>> topics being addressed.  It is expected that both of these individuals
>>> will subsequently provide feedback to you and other staff members,
>>> and that as director you will provide the final response to the plan.
>>> Please submit the names of your designated individuals to waukau at ucar.edu
>>> by Monday, February 4.
>>> For more detail on the progress of the CFIC, go to http://wiki.ucar.edu.
>>> Log in with your UCAS login and password and scroll down to the Computing
>>> Facilities and Implementation Committee link on the left hand side.
>>> On behalf of the committee, thank you for your support.
>>> Pat Waukau
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