[CFIC] Re: CFIC: Governance and Management

Lance Jones lj at ucar.edu
Mon Jan 14 15:28:43 MST 2008

Lance Jones wrote:
> some significant level of consensus(*) across the organization.

And the footnote that I didn't include in the last message...

Consensus was a key message from Rick's email of 1/1/08.  Specifically:
"It is important to make sure that all affected programs are on board
with the plan that is finally developed"
"I would like to see a completed plan that has widespread support before
approving additional positions."
"Therefore, I am asking you to complete the plan with input from all
concerned parties"

Obviously what I'm suggesting here is that a G&M plan which explicitly
includes more robust technical (i.e. sysadmin) representation from the
divisions and programs will go a long way toward meeting Rick's directive.


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