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Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
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Thanks for this update.  I believe the second meeting has already occurred.
If you are provided an update as to the outcomes of the meeting, I would
appreciate if you would update the committee.

Thanks, Pat 

On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 08:04:39AM -0700, Terri Betancourt wrote:
> Pat, Shawn,
> > Cost Allocation
> >   - Work with Justin on cost model
> >     - Develop ML and CG3 scenarios
> >       - Use estimates of current utility costs for existing computer rooms.
> >       - Use current div/prog space usage for calculations
> >       - Have Finance provide 10-year dep/int costs
> >       - Use construction cost estimates provided by consultants
> >       - Include remaining dep/int on CISL infrastructure (i.e. generators,
> > etc.)
> >       - Include costs for annual infrastructure maintenance (Aaron)
> >     - Provide cost projections for individual entities
> >   - For informational purposes we will need specific information on options
> > for
> >     groups to incorporate costs into their budgets.
> >     - Inclusion of costs in proposal process
> >     - Direct vs indirect
> >     - CSC
> >     - When does overhead apply
> >   - Where do Management Group costs reside (Communications Pool)?
> >   - How will divisions/programs be informed about how to effectively
> >     incorporate costs into budgets?
> > 
> With regard to the cost allocation working group, I thought it would be
> worth mentioning where RAL is in this process.  As you know, we have been
> paying for both utilities and some percentage of the bonds that were used to
> fund the FL0 build-out.  Just before the holidays, we met with Gina Taberski
> and some folks from F&A (Dan Wilson and Anita Monk-Ryan) to discuss the
> possibilities of establishing a new charging scheme for the FL0 cost
> allocations.  Many, if not all, of the issues that are being discussed in
> the context of FL0 are likely to be relevant to the CFIC cost allocation
> proposal.
> I believe that Gina has a follow-up meeting set with Katy, Dan, Melissa, and
> Jeff for next week, so there should be some valuable information and
> guidance that comes out of that meeting.  I mention this so that we can
> begin to align the cost allocation plan with what seems to be a parallel
> effort to sort out the account details for possible charging schemes.
> Cheers and Happy New Year!
> - Terri b.

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