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Rick Anthes anthes at ucar.edu
Fri Jan 4 15:15:23 MST 2008

Thanks Pat, for yours and the CFIC's efforts--I know this is not easy.

Pat Waukau wrote:
> Rick,
> Wishing you and the members of the President's Council a Happy New Year
> as well!   With the present budget situation your leadership will be
> critical in guiding the organization through this difficult period.
> Thank you for your candid comments regarding the progress of the
> Collocation Facilities Implementation Plan.  Underlying our stated reasons
> for extending the time frame to complete the plan was our recognition
> that we were not effectively communicating the necessary information
> to those who would be directly affected by the change.  In addition,
> during meetings with these groups technical and financial issues were
> brought up which will need to be addressed in more detail.  That said in
> this fiscally constrained time we will need to navigate a balance between
> what is critical to the successful provision of  collocation facilities
> versus what is desirable but not necessarily required.  In addition, we
> will develop alternate scenarios dependent on the final resolution
> of the Wyoming data center.
> With regards to the requested position for a collocation facility manager
> in the FY09 budget and the addition of two part time positions for
> technical and operational support in FY10, we will table these requests
> at this time.  This would be with the understanding that once the final
> plan is approved, these positions would be reconsidered for inclusion
> in the budget. Since the final plan will include computing space growth
> and equipment replacement needs there will be financial impacts to the
> various groups.  It is important to note, that the current plan includes
> a cost allocation methodology that will recover costs for the creation
> and management of these facilities, along with actual utility usage,
> from the divisions and programs.  Costs would be allocated proportional
> to an individual groups usage.
> The committee has developed an Action Plan for revision and completion
> of the Collocation Facilities Implementation Plan and posted a revised
> time line on the wiki site.  We anticipate having the final document
> available for review in the March time frame.  If you need any additional
> information, please contact me.
> On behalf of the committee membership, thank you for your support.
> Pat
> On Tue, Jan 01, 2008 at 09:11:08AM -0700, Rick Anthes wrote:
>> Hi Pat,
>> First of all let me wish you and everyone a Happy New Year!
>> I have been thinking about your request to approve a new position and 
>> the status of the plan.
>> As I recall our earlier discussions, we thought we pretty much had to 
>> support a consolidation of division and program computers because of 
>> space, power and cooling requirements.  However, I have heard recently 
>> that there are concerns in some of the programs about the way this plan 
>> is developing.  It is important to make sure that all affected programs 
>> are on board with the plan that is finally developed, and I hope you and 
>> your committee are considering all the concerns.
>> According to your table, the increased costs associated with a manager 
>> of this new facility would be $129,509 in FY09 and $214,129 in FY10.  
>> Unless the programs who use the new facility reduced their costs by at 
>> least this amount, the co-location will cost, not save money to the 
>> programs.  As you may have heard, the recent budget for FY08 approved by 
>> Congress and signed by the President contains a much smaller increase 
>> for NSF and the other agencies who sponsor us than we expected, and NCAR 
>> may well receive a level NSF budget for FY08 at best, and this starts 
>> out the FY09 NCAR base at a lower level that we expected.  In response, 
>> I have asked all managers of G&A and indirect costs to try to keep their 
>> budgets in FY09 equal to or less than their FY08 budgets.  Therefore, I 
>> am reluctant to approve an additional $129,509 in FY09 for a new 
>> facility manager.  Also, I would like to see a completed plan that has 
>> widespread support before approving additional positions.  Due to the 
>> slowing down of the Wyoming project, it seems that we have time to make 
>> sure we all have this right.
>> Therefore, I am asking you to complete the plan with input from all 
>> concerned parties, present it to the UMC for discussion and approval to 
>> go ahead, and then we can consider new positions.  If we decide to hire 
>> a new person in FY09, we can still do so, realizing that this would 
>> contribute to a negative variance in FY09.
>> Thanks very much Pat.
>> Rick
>> Pat Waukau wrote:
>>> President's Council Members:
>>> Following a recent review of the draft Collocation Facilities
>>> Implementation Plan, it became clear that we were missing critical
>>> financial and technical information that would produce a more cohesive and
>>> complete document.  In addition, due to recent changes in our proposed
>>> infrastructure build out, and competing project deadlines encountered by
>>> the external consulting firm that is preparing the site feasibility study,
>>> that report will be unavailable until later this month.
>>> In order to effectively gather and incorporate the necessary financial
>>> and technical information required with the personnel resources available
>>> and collectively review the site feasibility study, the committee will
>>> need additional time to produce the final report, with the expectation
>>> of delivering the final report in the March 2008 time frame.  If the
>>> President's Council approves this extension, the final report will
>>> not be available for review prior to budget discussions for FY09.
>>> With that being the situation the committee requests that a placeholder
>>> be included in the budget for a collocation facility manager position
>>> in the FY09 budget ($129,509 S&B, see attached). If in its final review,
>>> the President's Council chooses not to move forward with the Collocation
>>> Facilities Implementation Plan the position would be removed from
>>> the budget.
>>> Should the President's Council wish to discuss this further, please feel 
>>> free
>>> to contact me.
>>> Thanks, Pat
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