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Hi Pat,

My comments are below. See what you and others think.

Pat Waukau wrote:
> CFIC Members:
> Following is a draft of my response to Rick's email.  I would appreciate
> comments by early this afternoon, so that I can send it out to 
> Rick by the end of today. 
> Thanks, Pat 
> Rick,
> Wishing you and the members of the President's Council a 
> Happy New Year as well!   With the present budget situation your leadership
> will be critical in guiding the organization through this difficult period.
> Thank you for your candid comments regarding the progress of the
> Collocation Facilities Implementation Plan.  Underlying our stated reasons
> for extending the time frame to complete the plan was our recognition
> that we were not effectively communicating the necessary information
> to those who would be directly affected by the change.  In addition,
> during meetings with these groups technical and financial issues were
> brought up which will need to be addressed in more detail.  That said in
> this fiscally constrained time we will need to navigate a balance between
> what is critical to the successful provision of  collocation facilities
> versus what is desirable but not necessarily required.  In addition, we
> will develop alternate scenarios dependendent on the final resolution
> of the Wyoming data center.
> With regards to the requested position for a collocation facility
> manager in the FY09 budget and the addition of two part time positions
> for technical and operational support in FY10, we will table these
> requests at this time with the understanding that with approval of the
                       ^. This would be with the understanding that once
the final plan is approved, these positions would be reconsidered for
inclusion in the budget. Since the final plan will include computing
space growth and equipment replacement needs there will be financial
impacts to the various groups.

> final plan, which will include financial impacts to the various groups,
> that these positions would be reconsidered for inclusion in the budget.
^Remove the above 2 lines.

> However, I think it is important to note, that the current plan includes
> a cost allocation methodology that will recover costs for the creation
> and management of these facilities, along with actual utility usage,
> from the divisions and programs.  Costs would be allocated proportional
> to an individual groups usage.  
> The committee has developed an Action Plan for revision and completion
> of the Collocation Facilities Implementation Plan and posted a revised
> timeline on the wiki site.  We anticipate having the final document
> available for review in the March time frame.  If you need any additional
> information, please contact me.
> Thank you for your support.
> Pat

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