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Terri Betancourt terrib at ucar.edu
Thu Jan 3 08:04:39 MST 2008

Pat, Shawn,

> Cost Allocation
>   - Work with Justin on cost model
>     - Develop ML and CG3 scenarios
>       - Use estimates of current utility costs for existing computer rooms.
>       - Use current div/prog space usage for calculations
>       - Have Finance provide 10-year dep/int costs
>       - Use construction cost estimates provided by consultants
>       - Include remaining dep/int on CISL infrastructure (i.e. generators,
> etc.)
>       - Include costs for annual infrastructure maintenance (Aaron)
>     - Provide cost projections for individual entities
>   - For informational purposes we will need specific information on options
> for
>     groups to incorporate costs into their budgets.
>     - Inclusion of costs in proposal process
>     - Direct vs indirect
>     - CSC
>     - When does overhead apply
>   - Where do Management Group costs reside (Communications Pool)?
>   - How will divisions/programs be informed about how to effectively
>     incorporate costs into budgets?
With regard to the cost allocation working group, I thought it would be
worth mentioning where RAL is in this process.  As you know, we have been
paying for both utilities and some percentage of the bonds that were used to
fund the FL0 build-out.  Just before the holidays, we met with Gina Taberski
and some folks from F&A (Dan Wilson and Anita Monk-Ryan) to discuss the
possibilities of establishing a new charging scheme for the FL0 cost
allocations.  Many, if not all, of the issues that are being discussed in
the context of FL0 are likely to be relevant to the CFIC cost allocation

I believe that Gina has a follow-up meeting set with Katy, Dan, Melissa, and
Jeff for next week, so there should be some valuable information and
guidance that comes out of that meeting.  I mention this so that we can
begin to align the cost allocation plan with what seems to be a parallel
effort to sort out the account details for possible charging schemes.

Cheers and Happy New Year!
- Terri b.
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