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Rick Anthes anthes at ucar.edu
Tue Jan 1 09:11:08 MST 2008

Hi Pat,
First of all let me wish you and everyone a Happy New Year!

I have been thinking about your request to approve a new position and 
the status of the plan.

As I recall our earlier discussions, we thought we pretty much had to 
support a consolidation of division and program computers because of 
space, power and cooling requirements.  However, I have heard recently 
that there are concerns in some of the programs about the way this plan 
is developing.  It is important to make sure that all affected programs 
are on board with the plan that is finally developed, and I hope you and 
your committee are considering all the concerns.

According to your table, the increased costs associated with a manager 
of this new facility would be $129,509 in FY09 and $214,129 in FY10.  
Unless the programs who use the new facility reduced their costs by at 
least this amount, the co-location will cost, not save money to the 
programs.  As you may have heard, the recent budget for FY08 approved by 
Congress and signed by the President contains a much smaller increase 
for NSF and the other agencies who sponsor us than we expected, and NCAR 
may well receive a level NSF budget for FY08 at best, and this starts 
out the FY09 NCAR base at a lower level that we expected.  In response, 
I have asked all managers of G&A and indirect costs to try to keep their 
budgets in FY09 equal to or less than their FY08 budgets.  Therefore, I 
am reluctant to approve an additional $129,509 in FY09 for a new 
facility manager.  Also, I would like to see a completed plan that has 
widespread support before approving additional positions.  Due to the 
slowing down of the Wyoming project, it seems that we have time to make 
sure we all have this right.

Therefore, I am asking you to complete the plan with input from all 
concerned parties, present it to the UMC for discussion and approval to 
go ahead, and then we can consider new positions.  If we decide to hire 
a new person in FY09, we can still do so, realizing that this would 
contribute to a negative variance in FY09.

Thanks very much Pat.

 Pat Waukau wrote:

> President's Council Members:
> Following a recent review of the draft Collocation Facilities
> Implementation Plan, it became clear that we were missing critical
> financial and technical information that would produce a more cohesive and
> complete document.  In addition, due to recent changes in our proposed
> infrastructure build out, and competing project deadlines encountered by
> the external consulting firm that is preparing the site feasibility study,
> that report will be unavailable until later this month.
> In order to effectively gather and incorporate the necessary financial
> and technical information required with the personnel resources available
> and collectively review the site feasibility study, the committee will
> need additional time to produce the final report, with the expectation
> of delivering the final report in the March 2008 time frame.  If the
> President's Council approves this extension, the final report will
> not be available for review prior to budget discussions for FY09.
> With that being the situation the committee requests that a placeholder
> be included in the budget for a collocation facility manager position
> in the FY09 budget ($129,509 S&B, see attached). If in its final review,
> the President's Council chooses not to move forward with the Collocation
> Facilities Implementation Plan the position would be removed from
> the budget.
> Should the President's Council wish to discuss this further, please feel free
> to contact me.
> Thanks, Pat


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