[CFIC] Implementation Q&A concern

Lance Jones lj at ucar.edu
Fri Apr 25 09:48:02 MDT 2008

I don't think this requires much change at all, just a more "softly 
worded" iteration of what we already have.  For example, change the last 
two sentences as:
"It is understood that there may be programmatic needs for having some 
systems in close proximity.  However, the intent is to have the majority 
of systems in collocation facilities in order for the organization to 
realize the cost savings of centralization."

Or something like that.  In short, soften it a bit.

The decision to roll the costs for this into the indirect rate gives the 
organization as much leverage as it needs to achieve centralization.  No 
need to be forceful about it at every turn.


Shawn Winkelman wrote:
> I agree with Aaron on the impacts of running d&p rooms.
> 1) Given that, there IS a cost to the indirect pools to run those rooms. 
> Divisions and programs pay *some* of the costs, but not all.  They still 
> require maintenance services and "free" power and as we've pointed out, 
> *may* contribute to inefficient usage of the HVAC systems (nights, 
> weekends, etc.)

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