[CFIC] Implementation Q&A concern

Aaron Andersen aaron at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 24 16:58:31 MDT 2008

Just off the cuff. I think it is not well understood within
division and programs the efficiency and environmental impact
of each of these smaller rooms.

All or nearly all of them except for FL0 & ML29 utilize DX cooling which
is significantly less efficient and hence less environmentally
friendly. We could/should analyze these impacts to illustrate
the total impact of continuing to offer both.


  Pat Waukau wrote:
> CFIC Members:
> A concern has been raised regarding the response to the following question
> regarding existing computer rooms, specifically with regard to the
> phrase "but these requirements will need to clearly articulated."  It is
> believed that the divisions/programs should not be required to justify
> the need to retain existing space. However, should they decide to do so
> they would still incur the .1% increase in the overhead rate.  I would
> like to hear thoughts on this and will adjust the text accordingly.
> Can they still be maintained at the cost of the divisions? Can we use
> both our divisional computer room and put some overflow and backup
> systems in collocation facilities?
> The organizational strategy is to phase out many of these
> rooms. Continuing to maintain both division rooms and collocation
> facilities is not feasible from a financial perspective. It is understood
> that there may be programmatic needs for having some systems in close
> proximity, but these requirements will need to clearly articulated. The
> intent is to have the majority of systems in collocation facilities.

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