[CFIC] CFIC: Getting to the finish line

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 24 08:05:55 MDT 2008

CFIC Members:

We are a week away from releasing the revised implementation
plan. Following are my thoughts for plan revisions.  For those of you
who are working on the individual component sections, I would like to
have those by tomorrow, Friday, April 25, so that I can put the document
together over the weekend.    I am proposing the final structure of
these sections to be as follows, some of which may not apply depending
on the section.  

(Leave out the scope, as it is covered in the Exec Summary)
- Alternates if they exist
Roles and Responsibilities
Implementation Steps

Everyone should allow time for a complete read of the document by the end
of the day Tuesday, April 29, so that final changes can be incorporated.

Following are my thoughts on the other sections of the document. I would
like everyone else's thoughts, comments, etc.  Please submit your responses
to cfic at ucar.edu  Again please respond by Friday, April 25.  We're on the
home stretch, so let's get it done right.

- Order sections, discussions, consistently in alignment with original
  order of charter bullet points.  
- Remove any reference to specific dates in plan

Executive Summary
- Keep existing structure, but update information to align with 
  current recommendations

- Background
  - Align with Executive Summary content
- Assessment of Opportunities and Risks
  - Make risks consistent with recent power point slides
  - Update text to reflect current recommendations

- I'm proposing this section be removed.
- In my opinion the implementation section for each component should
  contain the transition elements.  This section currently repeats
  much of the information being put into the other sections.  Let me
  know if you believe it should be retained.

Communication Plan
- I think this section is fine as it stands, with some minor editing

- I think this section should remain but would need to be updated to
  reflect current recommendations.  The transition pieces would be 
  removed if everyone is in agreement about removed the transition 
- Does the layout work or does anyone have a better suggestion.
- Modify to reflect current recommendations
- Remove Transition piece

- Modify to reflect current recommendations

Financial Information
- I think this section can be removed, but include additional appendices
  such as the 2008 computer survey information and the spreadsheet 
  has the Current building/room constraints.  These could be
  referenced in the appropriate sections of the document

- Propose removing this section

- There are a few appendices being referenced, which if made a part of
  the document would make it fairly long.  Would it make sense to 
  provide links to these documents instead. They include 
  - matrix used for making decision regarding management group
  - summary of existing CISL procedures and work order system
  - Site stoudy document
  - 2008 Computer Survey spreadsheet
  - Current Building/Room Constraints spreadsheet
  - Others?

Pat Waukau   waukau at ucar.edu
Head, Systems Group
Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division
P. O. Box 3000 
Boulder, CO  80307
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