[CFIC] Organizational Processes - Comments

Pat Waukau waukau at ucar.edu
Wed Apr 23 17:22:50 MDT 2008


Following are my comments on the organizational processes section.

As I was doing the governance piece, I did some restructuring. I'm
proposing the following:

- Remove the Scope as it is detailed in the Executive Summary
- Put the Recommendation first.  Specifics about group membership
  would be part of the implementation
- Requirements would be next 
  - Mention other processes for acquiring information about computers
    bond requests, division strategic plans, division strategies  for
    server replacements
- Implementation
  - Rather than trying to infer how a particular computer requested
    is going to be used based on cost, power consumption, weight, etc.
    ask direction questions in the process.  At some point people need
    to be up front about their intentions.
  - I don't think the property management system is an appropriate 
    primary mechanism for documenting and tracking what is in collocation 
    facilities.  I think the CISL database would be far more accurate.  
    The property inventory could be used for a cross check. 
- Bi-directional Communication
  - This section is more relevant to the management component of the 
  - For organizational processes I think it would be important to communicate
    with Administrators who are involved in the proposal processes  and 
    individuals responsible for purchasing with divisions and programs.


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